Part 3: Of Planes, Games, and Goons

Before I start with this last address on this topic, I will just throw in this short preamble. I’ve ensured two things: (1) I have deliberately left out the name of the Organisation, as well as the real names of everyone I write about; and, (2) I do not wish to quote anything other than legal or news references if at all necessary.

My reason for (1) will be revealed in due course.  And as for (2), there are already too many writers who have furnished enough verses, so, I would just like to take every thing from a common sense perspective. Continue reading “Part 3: Of Planes, Games, and Goons”

Suffer the Children … and Behold

History is peppered with stories of how a young generation is often targeted and manipulated by an Alpha protagonist who recognises you have to harness the youth and condition them early — oftentimes, history will depict these youths as forming an army conditioned by a ringleader who is usually part of the “power behind the throne”.

«The phrase “power behind the throne” refers to a person or group that informally exercises the real power of a high-ranking office, such as a head of state. In politics, it most commonly refers to a spouse, aide, or nominal subordinate of a political leader (often called a “figurehead”) who serves as de facto leader, setting policy through possessing great influence and/or skillful manipulation. Continue reading “Suffer the Children … and Behold”

Part 2: Of Planes, Games, and Goons

For those of my gentle readers not financially inclined, I will at this point, advise you to take out your calculator, if you are not a human calculator like some of us, and try to understand the process of computing the whopping figures, we will be breaking down here, in our delightful fun and games episode. I will also attempt to write this bit of article as simply as I can without going into too much financial jargon. And, I will take this from a business perspective because you will all later learn— we’re in the pleasure of business. Continue reading “Part 2: Of Planes, Games, and Goons”

Part 1: Of Planes, Games, and Goons

Some twenty years ago, an old wealthy business friend who was a war veteran and flew helicopters during rescue missions in Vietnam, went into the luxury yacht business, which he manages and owns to this day, and — the aircraft business.

As he was inclined to maintain a “Captain’s Log” during his long voyage at sea, he managed to write me daily as well and explain in depth, the feasibility of maintaining a commercial passenger plane — his then new business venture. His lengthy breakdown of the cost of maintaining (not purchasing), a commercial passenger plane proved to be a headache after a couple of years, and definitely not a worthwhile business venture, unless of course, he stresses, you never keep the plane on the ground at length, you keep it flying about constantly, and you have all seats booked and paid for — to cover the major expense of upkeep. In the end, he sold off that part of his business, and replaced it with a more lucrative business in the music industry instead. Continue reading “Part 1: Of Planes, Games, and Goons”

The Persecution of Iña

This piece will end as a rant and flame, so I am giving you fair warning to avoid this entry as I need to get some poison out of my system.  I also write for myself to remind myself, so I allow a bit of digression to indulge in some emotional outpouring when I feel like it, but only because I just cannot stand injustice, not to the helpless young and elderly.

I have to constantly remind myself that it is 2016 and not the 60’s or the 70’s. I have to tell myself that Iña is old school and she does not own a computer, or a mobile phone, nor does she know how to use the internet. I have to stop looking at her photos when she was much younger and happier, and remember … she’s old, she has aged with time and she is frail. She aged with her husband, but like her husband, she aged beautifully and is as elegant as ever. In the past, a time when she was much younger, and by the side of her dearest husband, she was known to be one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines – who was not an actress or a beauty queen. Her beauty was not superficial, it emanated from deep within her for she was truly a kind and loving, gentle lady, full of graceful humility. Continue reading “The Persecution of Iña”

Part 2: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within

When you have to choose life over death in a threatened situation, you will console yourself, when ashamed of your weakness and your choice, with the cliché, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” but here’s the catch … what if we continue with that opening number of the Sadistic Torturer holding a knife to your child’s neck, and he gets you to say, yes, I will do anything you tell me to do, just spare the life of my child and spare my life. And he tells you, “Alright, your child stays with me, but I now want you to take this other knife, and kill anyone who doesn’t follow you. Make them all follow you, but set an example of anyone who doesn’t follow and chose Life. Kill them without mercy, kill them fast.” (He is, after all, sadistic, and we are, after all, getting carried away with this analogy.) Continue reading “Part 2: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within”

Part 1: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within

Have you ever experienced a threat to your life, say, a wicked looking deadly, sharp knife placed hard and icy cold against the warmth of your skin just above your jugular, hard and sharp enough it breaks the skin from just a slight sawing motion and draws blood – you feel the agonising sear, that excruciating, burning, painful sensation indicating the violation and ripping of the delicate skin above your vital large vein located by the side of your neck. Continue reading “Part 1: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within”