Once Upon a Time … there’s History

… so the story starts. And what makes history these days?

I’m encountering a real life drama that’s reminiscent of a modern Game of Throne conspiracy. The protagonists are the remaining family members on the side of a Matriarch, albeit not at all a domineering character for an elderly widow as normally conjured in imagery with the use of the word “Matriarch”. She’s old school, full of gentleness, was never known to raise her voice and shriek, and exuded affection and genuine care to all she met and encountered.  Now that she’s about to enter her 80’s, she’s also rather frail and in poor health.

Her antagonists? A malicious and international swarm of insolent, offensively rude and frustrated wannabe soldiers-of-fortune youngsters, fifty-odd years her junior, led by no other than her daughter-in-law blinded by her own megalomania, and her 20-something immature, egotist grandson who secretly craves world domination, and is in cahoots with his equally narcissist and ruthless juvenile delinquent mentors, and … here is where it cuts the Matriarch deep … endorsed shamefully as well as scandalously, by her very own son.

And how did this all start?

How far back do we want to go? Shall we trace bloodline to realize that the daughter-in-law, let’s call her Jessie, is actually the niece of a house help who, many moons ago, reported an exaggerated untruth to her boss, the Elder, the father-in-law of the Matriarch, of a press interview given by the Matriarch’s husband, the Elder’s son. The deceptive report of Jessie’s aunt enraged her boss, and resulted in the immediate and physical beating of the matriarch’s husband as a corrective measure – a punishment that was meant to stem, once and for all, the seemingly elevated ego of his son, supposedly displayed during the press interview – and as misleadingly reported by Jessie’s aunt.

The poor son bore his father’s terrible beating with acceptance and total humility, and eventually had to be nursed by the Matriarch who was then a very young wife. She tended to his wounds with deep care, devotion, silent obedience, and with full submission and acceptance like her husband in understanding the rage of the Elder. Her gentle administering of his open wounds, and sensitivity to his pain helped him in his stoic acceptance of his suffering under the hands of his father who he loved dearly, respected deeply, and followed devotedly, as a human shadow.  (The son would joke that he would be constantly and predictably at the side of his father, as demanded by his father – except for timeout for his father’s private and alone time.)  

It would take the very next day when the press article was published in the newspaper, for the Elder to realize, the scheming and exaggerated report earlier presented by Jessie’s aunt to him. How she had indeed “lied” to him by twisting the facts. The realization of what he did to his son bore down heavily on the old man, and he lost no time in heading straight for his son’s domain to seek him out and apologize for his earlier rage.

Jessie’s aunt was known for exaggerating the truth since then and was avoided by the Matriarch. But Jessie, she inherited that trait in full potency.  Her aunt, before she passed away from cancer, took an active role in conditioning Jessie and her mindset for the eventuality of her becoming the next “Queen” after the Matriarch. Jessie proved an apt and able student … and progressed, when her time came, to become the Grand Inquisitor of the Matriarch and her other children.  She would come to epitomize Jezebel reincarnated.

Now, our gentle reader may ask, who relayed the story of Jessie’s aunt and the beating of the Elder’s son?  The story was told by the Elder’s son himself before he passed away seven years ago.

Would curiosity get the better of us now and lead us to asking … how did Jessie actually manage to marry into the family and were there earlier signs of her rebellious streak?  What was the Matriarch like as a wife, a mother, and the handpicked daughter-in-law of the esteemed Elder?

…/ The Training of Matriarch Iña in her youth vs Jessie the Young