The Training of Matriarch Iña vs Jessie the Young

Iña will be the name of our Matriarch.

Unlike Jessie, Iña was personally handpicked by no other than the Elder himself after he searched and waited for years for the right spouse for his son and successor.

Iña was left an orphan together with her elder brother and sister, and was the youngest of the three when her parents died in an accident. Her mother’s two sisters, who were spinsters, would be the only surviving family members who would take care of Iña and her brother and sister. Iña’s two aunts were known to the Elder and when he paid them a visit, he discovered sweet, pretty and gentle Iña who he recognised with insight immediately to be his next daughter-in-law.

The Successor would be thirty, (and a confirmed workaholic in training, constantly by the side of his father, predictably leaving no time for a love life) and, Iña almost eighteen years old, when they married. He was twelve years her senior, but it would be a proverbial match made in heaven, so to speak, as Iña would stay a respected, faithful and discreet supporter of, as well as a devoted and beloved partner to her husband during his 46 years of successful administration and tenure after his father, the Elder passed away.  The Successor would love and stay in love with the apple of his eye, his beautiful, submissive and adoring, industrious wife.

Iña had two crucial exposure and training. She was guided through eight years, under the direct and personal supervision of the Elder – and he was known to be a dynamic, principled disciplinarian and effective leader – until his death, when Iña’s first born son was just seven years old. And, thereafter, as a highly-trained exemplary wife to the Elder’s successor, her husband, she assisted as a mother to their six children and  was somewhat like the major-domo of their household, for the next 46 years when the Successor took over his father’s reign.

Iña was thus endowed with a very special pedigree and exposure to proper and valuable protocols in several aspects, considering she had a combination of 54 years of close communication and direct connection to both the first and second generation of significant effective leaders she followed faithfully without dishonour.

She was trained by the Elder to always take notes and to record in her journals every reminder and instruction she was given, starting from when the Elder taught her in the proper and acceptable procedure in assisting her husband with his various responsibilities, to managing her family and her household, and carrying forward to when her own husband would give her instructions to directly relay to their six children.

As work expanded globally and as the Successor was proactive in managing his massive responsibilities and in identifying and preventing potential problems, Iña became a valuable assistant as the Successor’s better half in managing his domestic and family affairs. She was responsible for the smooth operation and management of his home and their family and domestic house-helps, and, even after a full and exhausting day, she would never be too tired to stay awake and be by the side of her husband in the wee hours of the morning when he suffered from insomnia – and thought to make personalised Thank You notes to people writing to him from around the country and the world.

On those early mornings when sleep eluded the Successor, the husband and wife team would always be found close together in warm companionship, cutting, pasting and writing personalised greeting cards and notes for close friends and loved ones, or anyone who wrote to them. They were a thoughtful genuinely caring couple who exuded a wonderful embracing and infectious aura of compassion, kindness and warmth to everyone they encountered. They were publicly demonstrative and the Successor would often be seen holding the hand of his wife and not letting go, or staying close by her side as a protective shield whenever they would be out in public together.

Iña was the only woman the Successor loved to his dying days and she stayed faithful to his memory to this day.

When her husband passed away, Iña immersed herself in deep mourning and for almost two years after his death, she avoided public engagements, save for the rushed and scandalous marriage of her grand-daughter to her then boyfriend, the notorious instigator and lead Rascal of the Special Task Force under Jessie and her son. The Successor, before he passed away, explicitly instructed Iña and their children not to accept that Rascal into their family. As Iña was engulfed in overpowering grief at the loss of her husband barely two months earlier, she fatally failed to recall in her senior years, the Successor’s warning, and to exert her objection to the marriage.

Iña and her children attended the marriage and was noted to accept and endorse the union.  They would all pay a very dear price for that grave mistake and the disregard to the Successor’s warning.

Iña’s condition at the loss of her beloved husband was difficult. After 56 years of blissful marriage and companionship with the love of her life, the man who protected and secured her and their children, Iña found it hard to adapt to her new role as a widow of a great and much loved leader. She went into almost total solitary confinement in the home she shared with her husband and enclosed herself with his books and personal effects, she made every effort to overcome her all encompassing grief but the effort took much time. Iña would be totally oblivious to the impending and gathering force and eventual international and continuous bombardments to her aged and frail person and that of her children, from an embittered enemy nestled deep within her own family – until too late.

Jessie was nothing like Iña.

From the start, Jessie was never personally chosen by either the Successor or Iña for their eldest son. The choice was initiated by the two younger sisters of her husband who favoured Jessie only for her height. They foolishly thought, and were reprimanded and reminded by their eldest sister’s husband when he was still alive, and in the later years, of their active role in integrating into their family, a problematic person whose background was not checked thoroughly. The only criteria they established in choosing Jessie as a sister-in-law was her height as she was taller than most of the women being paired with their single eldest brother by friends of the family.

Jessie had met the two sisters when she was introduced to them during her stint as an encyclopaedia salesgirl. Jessie, being an only child, had a complicated relationship with her domineering and abusive mother and yearned to be away from her mother’s control. She managed to fortunately escape her mother by studying in the USA and survived there as an exchange student living with an American family.

Jessie attempted, coming from a poor family, to put together funds by working a summer job, in an effort to be self-sustaining during her summer break and return to the Philippines. That fateful summer job sales stint led to her getting noticed by her husband’s two younger sisters who were in search of a wife for him – following their own and limited criteria for what they considered would make an ideal wife and sister-in-law as well as a potential addition to the family.

They erroneously and fatally assumed that Jessie’s initial projection of modesty and feigned humility was reminiscent of their own beloved mother’s comportment when she was noticed and chosen by the Elder for their father. They did, however, remember to take stock of their brother’s only request in choosing his future bride-to-be … their eldest brother wanted his future wife to be like his beloved mother and display the virtues of his mother.

The two sisters, in their limited experience, understanding and of course their youth – assumed Jessie was a younger version of their mother.

They were so wrong.

The young Jessie was about the same age as the two sisters, and, as mentioned, was nothing like Iña, their mother … she was never trained because she resisted and detested the attempts made by Iña to prepare her in the proper way of assisting her husband, after she married him at the age of 21.  A training Iña received earlier in her married life, and directly from the Elder himself, and naturally, she was obligated to pass on that valuable training to Jessie as the young wife of her first born son.

The young Jessie coldly shunned Iña’s attempt to reach out to her and this display of frightful rejection of Iña’ efforts to guide Jessie as a concerned and caring mother, shocked Iña.

Iña’s mistake with Jessie was her failure then and there, to inform the Successor that early on of Jessie’s disrespectfulness towards her. When the Successor was finally informed by Iña decades later, at his discovery of the Special Task Force group and Jessie’s active involvement with it together with her children, he expressed pain and disappointment. He told Iña she should have told him immediately she was exposed to Jessie’s insolence when Jessie was younger. He would have corrected Jessie on the spot by making it clear that by attacking Iña, Jessie was attacking him.  That early on, he would have been able to correct Jessie, but left for decades uncorrected, the insolence on Jessie’s side took a terrible turn for the worse.

The Successor realised with insight and with a heavy heart what would eventually happen to his beloved wife and his children the time he would leave them.

Young Jessie was already being conditioned by her aunt who drummed into her that Iña would soon be insignificant when Jessie’s husband would assume power and total control at the demise of his father, the Successor.

Her husband’s power meant she too would be empowered if she could control her husband and her son and become the concealed but real power behind the throne.  And she controlled her husband and son through their stomach, stuffing them with everything they desired until they ballooned unhealthily, which worried Iña and the Successor constantly.

Jessie knew to gain full control, she had to destroy Iña and what Iña represented – the Successor and what he stood for, so Jessie together with her new son-in-law, the Lead Rascal, revived a well laid and premeditated plan, seven years in the making before the death of the Successor – and steadily and stealthily, through vicious cold-blooded intimidation and eradication of any loyalist to Iña and her two sons, the two of them set the plan effectively and covertly into motion by triggering the revival and support of the Special Task Force.

The first task for them would be to discredit and get rid of the two younger brothers in a brilliant and concerted, repeated sabotage of any direct communication with Iña’s son through the hacking and interception of emails from the younger brothers and the presentation of falsified so-called proofs. As Iña’s first born son had no inkling that his own wife and son were meeting with their young army of sycophants to effect character assassination of his mother and younger brothers, he believed everything he was fed.

Unlike his father and grandfather, Jessie’s husband could not humble himself to follow a simple prerequisite – to respect and submit to a parent and, to directly communicate with that parent.  He was made to believe that he was above everyone and above the law and control of any country.

Jessie’s husband was never trained by his grandfather like his mother and father. Jessie herself was warned by the Successor not to meddle in her husband’s area of responsibility. Jessie could not resist the lure of power … unlike Iña, she craved to show off her ability to do better than Iña in her newly self-appointed role as the power behind the throne.

And she had the help of the forth generation … her son and those disrespectful, rude kids under him who never knew the Elder and the Successor the way Iña and her esteemed and dying generation knew them.

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