When Wealth Does not Pass Three Generations

The Chinese have a saying:

富不过三代 (fu bu guo san dai)
Wealth does not pass three generations

and sadly, the third generation is proving that saying true as of this writing, especially when the meddlesome and dangerous fourth generation, the grandson, who is easily recognised to be young Mr Gourmand, was never entrusted with any direct appointment and never approved by the Successor during his lifetime and tenure, for appointment in any significant office of control.  Young Mr Gourmand wrested administration and jurisdiction of key official positions and departments from his two uncles, who, unlike the young upstart Gourmand, had full training and direct guidance for over two decades, from the Successor himself — to share it with his Lead Rascal, now dubbed Lord Rascal, and his band of equally young fanatic mercenaries, who all now arrogantly identify themselves publicly as belonging to the Special Task Force or STF.

Young Mr Gourmand’s recruitment and reactivation program of young sycophants, from the moment his father came into power, prioritised and targeted anyone who was born or bred overseas, and would entice them with a dramatic sweeping demonstration of one arm over all he controlled or surveyed under him with an invitation to “join me and you can have all of this“.  An irresistible invitation to any vacuous youngster eyeing the latest model iPhone, iPad, or professional camera, etc., as an incentive, with an iWant obsession.

This dangerous boy plotted and executed with his accomplices — his sisters and brother-in-law — forgeries of his own father’s signature and the falsification of documents supported by his own personal army of schismatic brown nosing warmongers and young snoopers, and of course, sanctioned by Jessie his conniving mother, and endorsed by his guileless father.

How did he actually do this?

It started with spying by the second year of the demise of his grandfather, the Successor, and the hacking and interception as well as manipulation of innocuous emails sent by the young Mr Gourmand’s uncles to other department heads. A stealthy and successful attempt was made with the installation of expensive and powerful listening devices and the activation and reinforcement of an international black ops cyber savvy group of delinquents, who I shall call the Mad Hackers, all positioned and aimed to pick up, (or notoriously, to bring down the “enemy“), and record communications in both the family residences of Iña and her younger sons. The heavy duty listening devices – these purchases of powerful military surveillance equipment were made courtesy of the supply of funds from a wily yet despicable Old Guard, who I shall call the Dastardly Spectre, as he tries to raid and spirit away once strongly controlled and protected coffers.

Whatever could be construed as a plot and attempt to undermine and overthrow the eldest son was presented as proof by Mr Gourmand and his Mad Hackers to Jessie for his father’s listening and reading pleasure – and as there was never a reason to suspect his own son and his wife of falsifying and manipulating information, the eldest son of Iña believed everything he was presented as facts against his mother and younger brothers.

Deja-vu. The DNA of Deceit runs deep.

Remember, at the death of the Successor, the plans to overthrow Iña and her two younger sons kicked into motion through the revival of the once demolished Special Task Force – demolished and hoped destroyed by no other person than the Successor himself.

The Successor, in hindsight, left last and specific instruction for his sons to follow regarding the grandson and the Special Task Force once under him — that young Mr Gourmand should, under no circumstances, be entrusted to the management of any important or high official duties due to his youth, and his scandalous involvement in the covert raising of a personal army of irrational hormonally charged, arrogant and disruptive youths constantly at his beck and call, the one he proudly calls “warriors” or Special Task Force.

And, that the Special Task Force be destroyed never to emerge again, or risk massive upheaval and the cold-blooded murders of souls on a holocaust of global dimension.

This young shifty and paranoid upstart, this lonely and privileged child in dire need of attention, approval and adoration, has been immersed and obsessed in the delightful fantasy world of computer war games almost all his life. The visible indication of both mental and physical unhealthiness he exudes as a pathetic human blob can easily be discerned from the obvious glaring display of obesity and the young Mr Gourmand’s notorious reputation as, well, of course, an incorrigible glutton.

The price paid for having a costly entourage of zealot militant sycophants is hefty.  These overseas born spoilt varmints and their blind loyalty to young Mr Gourmand and his now installed Lord Rascal, are shielded from the hardship and poverty experienced by others their age, and are paid generously with special accommodation and transportation, expensive gadgets, international trips, and significant official overseas postings with full trappings that grant them fearful power over even the most seasoned and more experienced generals and officers.

This immature and dangerous boy’s sense of perverted and sad reality is to live his games in real life targeting anyone who is not one with his father – an enemy of the state, so to speak, who must be maliciously and ruthlessly taken down at all cost, even if it means, the breaking of laws.

And he does it – en masse.

…/ The Hidden Festering Rot from Within