Part 2: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within

When you have to choose life over death in a threatened situation, you will console yourself, when ashamed of your weakness and your choice, with the cliché, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” but here’s the catch … what if we continue with that opening number of the Sadistic Torturer holding a knife to your child’s neck, and he gets you to say, yes, I will do anything you tell me to do, just spare the life of my child and spare my life. And he tells you, “Alright, your child stays with me, but I now want you to take this other knife, and kill anyone who doesn’t follow you. Make them all follow you, but set an example of anyone who doesn’t follow and chose Life. Kill them without mercy, kill them fast.” (He is, after all, sadistic, and we are, after all, getting carried away with this analogy.)

The $300 million dollar question now is really – will you do as your Sadistic Torturer instructs you? Will you go forward and kill, just to save your own life and that of your child?

Before the Successor was finally laid to rest, his eldest son took to the podium and reassured every one that nothing would change. Everything would be as the Successor left his administration.

The tragic observation, that early on, in the grand sanctuary where the body of the Successor had laid in state, prior to his burial, and, on the fourth day when Jessie’s husband took to the podium, was notably, the swarm of Special Task Force hit-squad who lunged forward to clasp, bow and kiss, in full public display, the fingers of Jessie’s husband, together with Don Spectre and the other Old Guards. That man – Jessie’s husband, belonging to the third generation after his fiery and righteous grandfather, and, charismatic, humble, and honourable father – in return, grinned and accepted the kisses to his fingers.

Never in the history of both the Elder and the Successor was such an act allowed on their persons, in fact, both condemned such display of ostentatious grovelling – yet, Jessie’s husband, Iña’s erring son, allowed such manifestation of glorification on his own person just days before his own father’s body was buried.

About six months later, the changes occurred.

Now, there are two somewhat critical skills/know-how, and position, valuable in any organisation – one covers Legal and the other Finance. The Successor had a strong background in both, he was educated as a lawyer, and his father the Elder, tasked him early as General Treasurer prior to his election as the Elder’s successor.

(Jessie’s husband, on the other hand, had no such training in either Law or Financing/Accounting, nor was he “elected” so he needed help in those two critical areas.   Jessie’s husband “assumed” his role as self-appointed successor to his father … he was, correctly, appointed his father’s deputy, but not his successor – this must be clear.  Jessie’s husband should not presume to be in a position that would, inherently, allow him to become his father’s successor, extremely brazen of Jessie and her children when they moved immediately to seal the position of Jessie’s husband.  They did not want anyone to recall that they had all affected Jessie’s husband’s position with their crazed plan of raising the Special Task Force hit-squad, which started innocuously as a concept of Jessie’s husband until young Mr Gourmand and Lord Rascal took control.   A fait accompli was effected quickly while everyone was still in mourning at the loss of the Successor, and we now see a jet setting, wasteful, arrogant, and naturally, weak Leader at the helm.)

The Successor was the one who created the fool-proof financial system installed in every locale, and he fine-tuned the system to perfection until it acted as a “self-regulating and self-alarming system” controlled by each locale in a cluster formation under a district, and centralised back to the main office. He then took charge and stock of every report that would reach him. He read diligently, and acted on every report himself, immediately, and he ensured corrective measures promptly for every abuse to the system reported by each locale.

In the earlier years of his administration, he would personally review and train the officers tasked with this delicate function of managing the financial contributions of its locale members. He instructed them candidly that if anyone were to ask for a direct access or review of how their financial contributions were managed, the books, so to speak, would be open for their inspection. Such was the transparent system of management installed then. Any violation of the system was easily discernible and traceable, and as mentioned, the system itself ensured “self-regulating and self-alarming” procedures so any early anomaly could be detected promptly.

As the system was managed purely on a volunteer basis, the ones entrusted to manage the financial system belonged to the locales themselves, under the supervision of a locale head, who then reported to a district head. For financial reporting, that district head then reported to Don Spectre who had to work with another old guard, the one who was positioned as General Treasurer, before reaching the ultimate head – if not the Successor himself during his incumbency – the leader who would inherit the delicate and massive responsibilities of the Successor.

During the time of the Successor, every effort was made to correct a “loophole” in the system if brought to light directly to the Successor himself, and he was diligent in supervising the correction to any loophole identified and reported. The Successor, like his father, the beloved and esteemed Elder, was upright and extremely careful with the management of this very delicate function.

So long as Don Spectre could be controlled by a powerful and strong, wise person – and the Successor was one, and he made sure of the control by stripping Don Spectre of direct responsibility and control during his time, and having Don Spectre report directly to his office, as well as the other district heads – whatever Don Spectre could get away with by making money a little here and there, was done on the sly. And needless to emphasize, Don Spectre was, as we all now know, very, very clever, and very, very sly.

With the Successor’s death, Jessie knew, as well her husband, the area of legal control could be managed by their eldest daughter who was groomed to legally manage the takeover, and she, conveniently, specialised in the law of succession. The eldest daughter immediately went to work transferring all control into the hands of either her father or herself, even if it meant, producing and falsifying documentations declaring her own uncle dead together with her grandfather, as exemplified by the shocked reception at one of the overseas banks where one of her uncles shared a small personal joint-saving account with his father, the Successor, since he was a young boy.  They informed the uncle that they were presented with documents declaring he was dead, together with his father.

Now how’s that for a brilliant, clandestine achievement of a young budding lawyer with Jessie’s DNA?   That eldest daughter ensured the total acquisition and transfer of everything under, and containing the name of her grandfather, the Successor, and in relatively a short span of time – as she was quite prepared – she had everything under control.

The reason for the immediate wedding of Jessie’s youngest daughter to Lord Rascal was for Lord Rascal to be integrated into the family, and quickly inducted (together with young Mr Gourmand), so he could be the strong-arm henchman of both Jessie and young Mr Gourmand.

They needed a front liner and the best rascal for the role was none other than the conceited, mega brown nosing, smarty-pants, Lord Rascal, (otherwise recognised to be one of the “inferior rivets” I mentioned in Aspiration) who was previously banished by the Successor for the activation and management of the Special Task Force hit-squad – the very same hit-squad that revered Jessie’s son, and reviled the Successor.

(How dare they even say they respected the Successor when they knew the Successor wanted their organisation destroyed. Had they truly respected the Successor and his wishes, irregardless of who the Successor used in his investigative procedures, they would not attempt to resurface and proudly declare themselves these days as being part of the STF.  These kids are vile, self-righteous, dangerous, disrespectful, and full of themselves.  They knew the Successor himself wanted their group destroyed. Eliminated. Finished. Never to resurface. But see, the real problem here was, the Successor had an eldest son who was weak and married to Jessie, and she craved personal control, power and recognition through her husband – with everyone else as her dispensable pawn, save her husband and children, to ensure she achieved her lofty goals.)

Don Spectre was brought into the picture and tested on his loyalty to Jessie’s husband, and naturally, as he was very clever and so very good at kowtowing to appease the egos of Jessie’s husband, Jessie herself and their children, including the new addition to the family, Lord Rascal – Don Spectre was elevated in terms of responsibility and given the task of converting the Old Guards to the “new administration” under the control of Jessie’s children and Lord Rascal.

Don Spectre knew he had to deal with his counter-part, the General Treasurer first, as the General Treasurer was one of the controlling person put in place by the Successor to curtail the power of Don Spectre in the Successor’s absence or his demise.  Don Spectre knew if he could twist and wrest control away from the General Treasurer, he would be unstoppable.  The guileless current Leader was too dense to realise what Don Spectre could do when uncontrolled and unstoppable.

So, Don Spectre went about managing his freedom by first cornering and telling the General Treasurer sternly to follow him/them and follow his/their instructions without question, or risk being killed … I mean, cast out. Choose.

Naturally, when you’ve served at length, and at peace, under a wise and inspirational leader like the Successor, when you’re not expecting to “fight for your life”, you will give up the fight and just join the New Gens … I mean, the New Guards.  After all, there are perks to desensitise you to a Conscious that whispers and reminds you that you are going against a system long established by the one person who served as an exemplary Leader for over four decades.  You will cease to be the same person you once were, you will change, and you will degenerate – to become corrupt.

If a good leader who is compassionate, selfless, and guided by gifted intuition, manages the welfare of everyone under him and in his administration, you can be sure the system he activates and sets into motion will take care of everything related to “social and medical welfare”. He will ensure that everyone can be compensated reasonably enough to manage and focus on their task at hand. He will ensure that no abuse to such a system will occur, and that the old, the weak, the financially incapable (as with those unable to afford an education), the long-serving will deservedly receive assistance, and he will manage the financing of such assistance commendably.

The Old Guards, one by one, received the threat to their lives and their sense of security, and they could not risk losing their position, or the security and acquired comforts of their family, after serving faithfully and at length in the administration of the Successor.  They could not afford the loss of their shelter, their financial assistance, their family’s sense of stability with food and education, their insurance and pension, and to risk being outcasted with no hope of returning back to favour.  They became too used to comfort and fame within their coveted circle.  They could not bear the potential shame of not belonging to the new administration.  Such were their weakness brought to light, flushed out to finally reveal how low they could stoop.  What’s disgraceful is, they could all be bought, and money truly is the root of all evil.

The Successor had, with insight, directly eyed them all penetratingly and grimly, and he challenged them all on their promise to uphold obligation with honour. He was not impressed at all with their answer.  He warned them, the time would come when they would realise if they could fulfil their words to protect the souls under their care and uphold their obligation with total honour.

They have all, humiliatingly and scandalously, failed him miserably – every single one of them. And why? They could not bear the knife on their throat, nor on their child, so they would rather go on a killing, murderous rampage of innocent souls to save their own necks, their own worthless, miserable souls.  They would target first, those honourable heads under them, and one by one, eliminate the good to retain, the manageable or the weak.

And worse, they turned to become deplorable parasites … feeding on the lavish favours doled out to each and every one of them as bribes and rewards to shut up and do as they’re told.  Every single one of them cowards, every single one of them murderers who cared nothing, like their masters, for precious souls.  And to buy them?  The same payment accepted by someone once called Judas.

Don Spectre then completed his own hit-squad, his dark side was exposed and released, and he was finally able to rule with relish, out in the open.

…/ The Persecution of Iña