The Persecution of Iña

This piece will end as a rant and flame, so I am giving you fair warning to avoid this entry as I need to get some poison out of my system.  I also write for myself to remind myself, so I allow a bit of digression to indulge in some emotional outpouring when I feel like it, but only because I just cannot stand injustice, not to the helpless young and elderly.

I have to constantly remind myself that it is 2016 and not the 60’s or the 70’s. I have to tell myself that Iña is old school and she does not own a computer, or a mobile phone, nor does she know how to use the internet. I have to stop looking at her photos when she was much younger and happier, and remember … she’s old, she has aged with time and she is frail. She aged with her husband, but like her husband, she aged beautifully and is as elegant as ever. In the past, a time when she was much younger, and by the side of her dearest husband, she was known to be one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines – who was not an actress or a beauty queen. Her beauty was not superficial, it emanated from deep within her for she was truly a kind and loving, gentle lady, full of graceful humility.

I will have to constantly remind myself of how I would have to strain and come close to her, to hear her voice as she was also soft-spoken and very much a true well-bred and conditioned, thoughtful lady. Kudos to her wise mentor, the esteemed Elder for guiding her from her delicate youth until she became a capable young wife and mother.

I remember, how it was necessary to raise my voice a little to be heard clearly by her, as with age, she developed a hearing problem. She still responded softly to me, perhaps thinking her voice was already amplified with the use of her hearing aid.

I have to recall how she talked to me in the past, and how her questions would always centre on me and how I was doing, how my family was managing, and if I had any problem or concern she could help with. Very much the same questions her husband used to ask me and everyone he met as they were both genuinely concerned about the people visiting them, and their well-being, especially when they made the effort to travel such distance to visit them – either just with the yearning to see and hear them, or, to relay news. Most came from far flung provinces with limited resources, and some from distant countries with limited time. Yet they all endeavoured to see the man who was their much beloved leader, and if possible, as in the far distant past, their leader together with his dearly beloved family.

Everyone took such delight in meeting this very special, wonderful, beautiful and inspirational family. It was a joy to meet them, to know them and to be close to them knowing they were the Successor’s family – and he and his family were very much loved by one and all.

Anyone visiting and bringing a concern to the Successor would be addressed and listened to intently, he gave his time with warmth and genuine consideration, and if there was anything troubling an individual who visited him, he would give ear, and full undivided attention. He immediately had his trusted council close by to follow his prompt and specific instruction in assisting the person with all due care and attention. The Successor set the precedent for everyone in his council and administration to follow, and they all projected the same kind of warmth, care and devotion following the model their leader set, to truly assist in the shortest time possible, and, expedite a solution the Successor required for the person with the concern.

Such was life then under that wonderful, great and extremely kind man, known for the generosity of his heart and his time, and the wisdom of his advices, and such was the warmth surrounding that inspirational, reassuring man and his wife when together.

She was 78 when just her voice was heard for the first time after so long a silence from her. Her voice, frail, pleading, breaking, on the day the video was released in mid 2015.

What did she plead for? Was it help because she had no other person to turn to? A plea for help from anyone who would remember her and who she was? That in all the years she stood by the side of her husband, she never once uttered a call for help – out to strangers who barely knew her? She had remained, with her immediate family, out of the limelight to nurse and be available to the Successor during his medical confinement the last few years of his life. The years had gone swiftly by, and his dedicated and never ending service and personal sacrifices to the people he loved and watched over, had taken its toil on his ageing body, but not his mind and spirit. She stood by his side as a true faithful companion and was a constant, never leaving him until the end.

He knew he had to recover from the sudden onslaught to his failing health with the shock of realising the STF – a privileged, segregated group of overseas born or bred spoilt kids, who were meant to be assigned a particular mission, existed without his knowledge, right under his nose. The realisation and discovery that this youth group, this Special Task Force, groomed for a takeover, conceptualised by his eldest son, and harboured and nurtured by his daughter-in-law through her protégé, was managed as an army of privileged youth designated specialised roles and mission by a young grandson preoccupied with the thought of continuing his grandfather’s legacy himself, sooner, if not later.

And for what purpose? To pave not only the way for his son to take over, but that of a young, inexperienced and completely incapable 25 year old boy who never had any proper guidance and training directly from the Successor himself. A young army to control and take over what the Successor had painstakingly, and for years, established as what he hoped would be a strong, guided and capable administrative council of elders. Not youths.

Why establish a Special Task Force when he, the Successor, was still alive and when his next successor was not even officially identified and declared yet? Why not course first and obtain the approval for the establishment of such a group through him while he was still alive? (One of the STF strongman would write from Switzerland that the Successor knew of their existence and approved of their existence.  What he should remember is – what was relayed to the Successor at the concept level was something simple and innocuous. You can present a simple good idea in the beginning, BUT under the hands of someone conniving and abusive, appointed as a leader, what can start as something simple, can be converted into a weapon of mass destruction.  That’s how the STF evolved.  Why don’t you further exercise your limited gray matters and justify the reason why the Successor wanted the STF destroyed.  Why did he order its annihilation? Answer me that.  Then try again to convince me that your STF isn’t a power of depravity now.)

Why not let the protocol of appointing his next successor by the council he established go through a natural course? Why preempt them? Why not let the council decide base on the merits and achievements, or works of the sons the Successor left behind, he had more than one son after all … or perhaps another who was worthy to lead?

The council of elders was meant to be strong and capable after being with the Successor for decades. They should have learnt from their exposure to him on how to make the right decision and a wise choice, that’s why they were appointed by the Successor to be part of his council.

One of the Successor’s oldest guard, before he passed away not long ago, mentioned already there was a whisper of a decision of the next in line after the Successor – the name mentioned was not that of Jessie’s husband. He was slightly surprised that Jessie’s husband assumed the post immediately. But, guided like the Successor with insight, he also knew, like the Successor (so that makes two of them with insight) that there would be a reason and a purpose for everything to happen as they unfold, and all will be revealed in time. Good, or otherwise.

The Successor warned his beloved wife that with deep insight, she and her other children would be made to suffer horrendously at the hands of their son’s wife. His poor wife was more deeply concerned about her husband’s health and well-being and chose not to consider her own situation, she wanted her husband to become better and to recover, she tried to reassure him and calm him down, but he would get feverish and repeat his warning, telling her to write what he said so she could take the necessary precaution when the time came. His wife did not comprehend in depth the great fear and concern her husband had for her and her children’s welfare after he passed away. She would never, in her wildest dream, imagine she and her children would be treated appallingly and be made to suffer and be subjected to all kinds of disrespect and abuse by cold-hearted strangers installed by her own flesh and blood to herd, monitor, harass and guard them, and, for the years to come.

The Successor spent his last years and energy trying to eradicate the STF with the assistance of his two younger sons who he sent to investigate everything on his behest, but the effort of trying to wipe out the STF and the damage-control followup eventually took its toil on him. The Successor extracted a pledge from his oldest son and his son’s entire family, as well as an apology note from every one of his son’s family members, from his wife to the children involved in the establishment or support of the STF.

Their submitted apology letter and pledge left behind, regretfully, a rancorous daughter-in-law, and a vindictive son who would eventually target both the Successor’s wife and his two younger sons – and make them suffer and pay in retaliation for the correction the Successor effected on them.

It would start with the widow of the Successor a year and six months after her husband was laid to rest. The persecution to her person would start and would continue, increasing in magnitude until she could no longer bear the persecution with her medical condition. She had nursed her husband from her late 60’s. She lost her husband when she was 73, they would start persecuting her at 74, and by the time she turned 78, she would be declared Public Enemy Number 1.

By who?

The STF of course, with the endorsement of the converted Old Guards and the encouragement of the heartless woman they served. They were revived as we know, against the expressed wishes of the Successor, and these ruthless, pathetic, lying kids, not even half the age of the Successor’s widow, have taken to character assassination and black propaganda. All of them standing as judge, jury and executioner rolled into one, over whatever they could trump up as charges against her.

They are disgusting losers hiding behind holier-than-thou tainted functions spewing convoluted verses tailor-made to justify their depraved attacks against an elderly, helpless, and weak old widow who did nothing but appeal for public help when there was no one else for her to turn to after four years of suffering in silence. They are fawning lowlife maggots who are cowardly excuses of manhood – who cannot chose someone their own age, someone equally as vile, demented, vulgar and immoral as themselves to attack.

They gang up as a pack of wolves eager to conjure creative accusations, twisting and turning whatever their corrupt minds can feast on as fodder for their insatiable appetites of spewing debased commentaries. They are an insult, a shame, a deplorable, malicious affront to whatever holy or spiritual office they hold.

And they all expect those of us who have more than the single-digit IQs of the substandard hoards they normally and gleefully rally to their deplorable causes to approve of their repulsive depravity. Get real! and quit those virtual reality game immersion! Life is not a game! Life and people are real, there are lives, feelings, there are both children and elderly lives being callously treated by you contemptible cowards!

Tell me that you know and you took part in how you treated this old widow.

That starting in 2011, you knew and rejoiced in the construction and installation of that massive wall, literally creating a visible rift between a family once together, and how you unceasingly tapped her home, flew over with helicopters you used as expensive toys, and launched expensive surveillance drones to spy on her.

That you were part of the group that transferred, in the dead of night — without seeking notice and approval from his widow — the coffin of her husband. Why was she not informed? And why move the coffin in the dead of night?

That thereafter, you barred the wife and the widow of that great and much loved leader from traversing her usual route from her home to that pathetic structure, that excuse of a mausoleum unbefitting a man who gave so much and achieved greatly in humility, that ludicrous cupcake structure you call a mausoleum in recognition of his achievement, what kind of joke is that?!

Not contented with preventing the widow easy access to her husband’s new resting site, you further restricted her daily visit to her husband, and you forced her to conform to appointed and limited schedules you set. Of course, the coup de grâce, and we applaud your ultimate nastiness, was to eventually physically restrict her from ever setting foot at her husband’s resting site.

The persecution continued to your great sadistic pleasure as the years went by, and as she continued to suffer in silence. You approved of the diminishing financial assistance to the widow of that great leader until eventually, you made sure nothing was made available to her. No financial assistance was further extended. In addition, you removed forcibly all security, all drivers and all house help, leaving her alone and truly helpless – incapable of managing her daily domestic life due to her frailty.  Did you hear her say anything then?  Did she raise an army to attack the people doling out your fat thick envelopes filled with dollar bills then?  Did she have the ability to communicate proficiently by social media then to devise a wicked scheme to overthrow your heartless conniving mistress and the man you’ve elevated to a demigod?

No medical assistance was even extended to her. She had to use her remaining meagre savings to cover whatever expenses, including food and medical, she had to shoulder. She even went so far, in desperation, to indicate she had to find a job at 75 years of age, to manage her daily needs. How terrible indeed to reduce a widow to such a condition.

Yet even if she could pool together limited resources for the trips she was required to make for her medical checkups, watch guards under instruction and backed by fawning damned STF boys would trail, monitor and photograph her every move – not to ensure her safety, but to report on whether she had met with someone to expose her intolerable condition.

The widow of that great leader we all appreciated during his lifetime endured everything – suffering in silence for four years.

Four years and not a single attempt was made to talk to her. Why?

Because some snivelling, fibbing rat from among those accursed, sycophantic hoard of spoilt, STF toy-boy pansies, with their warped, illicit, hacking comrades conjured a way to present “manipulated so-called proofs”, to someone supposedly very important, who stupidly believed in, without even moving his lethargic behind to double-check directly with the source, everything he was fed – hook, line and sinker!  And why?  The one doing the feeding was his own wife and son.  That’s what you call unfair, prejudiced assessment. That’s what you call control at the highest level.

Last year was the only time she spoke up – and now, she’s effectively Public Enemy No. 1.

How scared we must be of this 79 year old woman!

And how proud you all must feel, boys. You really did a great job. Outstanding. Now go and pick up your fat bonus envelope of dollar bills from your master Lord Rascal, brown nose his behind real good, and let’s see about the other great jobs we can credit you with … you miserable lot of posers.

…/ Of Planes, Games and Goons