Suffer the Children … and Behold

History is peppered with stories of how a young generation is often targeted and manipulated by an Alpha protagonist who recognises you have to harness the youth and condition them early — oftentimes, history will depict these youths as forming an army conditioned by a ringleader who is usually part of the “power behind the throne”.

«The phrase “power behind the throne” refers to a person or group that informally exercises the real power of a high-ranking office, such as a head of state. In politics, it most commonly refers to a spouse, aide, or nominal subordinate of a political leader (often called a “figurehead”) who serves as de facto leader, setting policy through possessing great influence and/or skillful manipulation.

The original concept of a power behind the throne was a Medieval-era figure of speech referring to the fact that the king’s policies could be set by a counselor not seated in the throne but standing behind it—perhaps whispering in the king’s ear—out of common sight.» — Wikipedia

One of the best illustration I will be using is the Cultural Revolution in China, and how the student youths of the Red Guards, were manipulated and brainwashed, to destroy an older, more experienced and cultured generation — by a woman, who was also a wife, and the dangerous power behind the throne.

The Red Guards had, as one of their lead controllers, one Madame Mao, the fourth wife of Mao Tse Tung, whose real name was Jiang Qing. She served as an important emissary for her husband in the early stages of the Cultural Revolution which she staged with her husband. She was also known for forming the backbone radical political alliance known as the Gang of Four when Mao turned to her for support and the persecution of his enemies. Endorsed by her husband, she played an increasingly important role in inciting and galvanising radical students and young workers known as the Red Guards to attack revisionists in the party.

They were directed to attack the “Four Olds” – old customs, old culture, old habits and old ideas. The Red Guards were informed by Madame Mao that their revolution was in danger and that they must do all they can to stop the emergence of a privileged class. Public security deteriorated rapidly. What ensued was a relentless attack with violent behaviour that descended into attacks on people. In the course of about two weeks, the violence left some one hundred teachers, school officials, and educated cadres dead. The number of injured was “too large to be calculated.”

After Mao’s death, Madame Mao was tried and she maintained that all she had done was to defend Chairman Mao. She delivered this famous quote during her trial: “I was Chairman Mao’s dog. I bit whoever he asked me to bite.” She was sentenced to death, but she eventually committed suicide in her cell.

Young people have always been of importance in movements for revolutionary social and political change.” — China, Youth and the Cultural Revolution, Graham Milner

In the same reference, we have this additional excerpt that explains what will eventually happen to these young factions — the bitterness that eventually ensued after continuous in-fighting:

«[…]Accounts of Red Guard activity, including factional fighting, while they may reflect the initial euphoria felt by secondary and university students at being freed from formal study and being allowed free travel and accommodation, usually end with disappointed hopes and a sense of betrayal. Those young people whose family members suffered during the crisis, and who were often torn in loyalty between parents and party authorities, were often very bitter about their experiences.»

In another reference, we see how the youth are recruited and conditioned for warfare, Irregular Army – How the US Military Recruited Neo-Nazis, Gang Members, and Criminals to Fight the War on Terror by Matt Kennard, in the Chapter “Plump, Young, Dumb – and Ready to Serve”, this is revealed:

«The army proceeded to release the Virtual Army Experience, which it boasted was “based on actual missions” in its promotional video complete with images of Iraq. The game was the standard murder-fest, in which the player hunts down and kills the enemy, while, for instance, on patrol in Iraq. One journalist called it “a shoot-em-up, get-the-bad guys kind of affair. It was the ultimate entertainment, except this time it was used to sign up kids for real war.»

Did we just read “video games”? Let’s continue.

«The Wikileaks release of the “Collateral Murder” video, showing a US attack on unarmed children and journalists in Iraq, brought the side effects of this video-game rendering of war painfully home. The language of the soldiers heard in the video revealed a complete dehumanisation of the Iraqis on the ground, with words like “nice” being used to describe the massacre. […] This glorification of violence and combat had a deleterious (harmful/damaging) effect on the nation’s youth.»

So if anyone is surprised and upset by the “dehumanisation”, the nastiness, the rudeness, the disregard for respect for an older person, an old mother and widow at that, for example — you should check what kind of video games the kids are indulging in with relish.  And as the STF have been displaying all the symptoms just mentioned, why am I not surprised.

And about sport … did I not say earlier that the Sports Fest was a great idea instigated by the Organiser, young Mr Gourmand? Well, in the reference: Manipulation and Ideologies in the Twentieth Century: Discourse, Language, Mind, edited by Louis de Saussure, Peter Schulz, we have this excerpt:

«[…] one may question the classical links established between health, sport, youth and the army […] This is especially true in twentieth-century armies, where no sword, spears and halberds are used. There was, under the Nazi rule, a hybrid ministry dealing with sport and the army; in the same vein, students were forced to practice something called Wehrsport (‘military sport’) […]»

So this is all about the vulnerability of the Young. Our Youths. Our children. And as highlighted — how sport, youth, and military undertones can be use to sometimes enforce “change”.

Most of us find it close to impossible to believe that something we’ve trusted, supported, and loved deeply since we were brought into a special spiritual awareness is capable of suddenly changing and evolving into something we can no longer recognise or associate ourselves with. Under the control of dangerous young people with dangerous mindset, this is what is unfolding right before our eyes — we are now witnessing in our lifetime alarming, rapid changes.

Changes that are not appreciated. Changes that encroached and were gradually imposed on us. Changes we were told to accept or risk becoming persona non grata — pitiful rejects shunned by our very own.  And, pathetically and incredulously, we would notice the change when others would rejoice at someone being outcasted instead of feeling alarmed, concerned and sorrowful when such a rejection was announced.

We find it incredible and extremely hard to accept that the clique of renown elders who were previously assigned custodians of values and justice have now all degenerated into merciless, ingratiating zealots displaying debased limitations and the offensive, pathetic love of materialism, and violence.

We find it hard to accept that those we once recognised to be part of the late Successor’s close and trusted administration, the ones we’ve looked to as belonging to an old and valued establishment, part of an institution that was once highly esteemed, presumed wise, and one that was entrusted with our ultimate confidence — especially when it comes to the education and preparation of our vulnerable sons for a lifelong work of selflessness — are now, shamefully, the pimps of the proverbial den of vices led by this Don Spectre and Lord Rascal, through the encouragement of the young Mr Gourmand and his sisters and mother.

And that we, unsuspectingly, have been offering our sons as human sacrifices, or yes, sacrificial lambs as feast galore to these human predators.

How and when did the changes occur? And why did it occur?

After the late Successor was laid to rest, the first course of business for Jessie and her children, together with her husband of course, was the assessment of the financial standing of the Organisation managed for several decades by the late Successor, including the late Successor’s own personal accounts, which he dedicated in a Trust structure to the Organisation, to augment and supplement the Organisation’s coffers as a contingency.

As mentioned, Jessie’s Business Woman took charge here and went immediately to work extracting every critical information available for her to assess and manage the situation to her advantage. She already had sufficient training and preparation by Jessie during her regular and private meetings with her children without her husband, so she knew exactly what to do. And of course, at the passing away of her grandfather, she eventually could set into motion her own selected and dedicated (to her) eager legal beavers to do all her bidding.

Jessie, her husband and children were overwhelmed, by the vast assets and savings the late Successor had managed and accumulated, through the years, for and on behalf of the Organisation, he administered faithfully, and carefully.

Jessie and her children were never allowed access, or granted full disclosure, by the late Successor to anything related to his responsibility during his lifetime — he never considered them part of his trusted council, so this was truly their first encounter and exposure to how the late Successor managed his important office attentively, and with extreme caution — and they took delight and revelled in the discovery.

The late Successor had managed the savings of the Organisation so frugally and responsibly with his beloved father, the esteemed Elder, for the decades they stood as leaders, that every bank in the country, valued the Organisation’s accounts as the biggest depositors in their record, and the Organisation had the cleanest and the best credit record around.

Every one who serviced the Organisation in construction, in supplies, in any professional service were assured of prompt and full payment. There was never any delay, and everyone prized a contract with the Organisation because of its established and good standing reputation.

The members of the Organisation took pride in their leader and knew he was a man they could trust without a shadow of a doubt and unconditionally.   And the late Successor never failed their trust and confidence in him.  He saved for them, and he saved well and cautiously, always weighing and evaluating every project he undertook carefully. He never made rash decisions. If he delayed because of time required for assessment and evaluation, on a decision to purchase anything, he had good reason and was highly respected for his wise and prudent decisions.  He had made the Organisation wealthy and he attributed everything, like the members he loved and cared for, to the glorification and mercy of a Divine and Omnipotent Spirit who everyone felt and knew never left his side.

Alas, all that the late Successor had saved and guarded carefully in his lifetime would finally fall … into the hands of Jessie and her children, ultimately controlled by both the Business Woman and Don Spectre, who had dreamed of just this opportunity all his life — to be able to get his hands on those assets and savings which were always beyond his reach.

No one among them really cared that the savings belong to the Organisation and its members and that they needed to seek permission for its use.  They had it all worked out so that the control and check-points would change.  Predominantly the control would reside with Don Spectre with Jessie’s husband as figure-head (besides his signature could easily be forged by any of them so he didn’t have to control anything at all, and at times, he didn’t even have to know anything until it was done — then he would have no choice but to accept the fait accompli).

This was finally everyone’s chance to control the vast assets and savings, and they immediately began creative brainstorming on how they felt they could make the money “work” instead of just letting it stay deposited in the bank, and how, under their manipulation and speculation, they could just possibly, double or triple the money. They would go for the gamble and risk for double.

The installation and endorsement of Don Spectre as indisputable overall Chief Financial Controller, if not President or Chief Executive Officer, with overreaching and overriding powers came into effect. The STF under Lord Rascal was activated and vigorous recruitment, of more youths fitting their criteria of blind obedience and control, was launched. The total takeover and control through intimidation and conversion of the council of elders or the Old Guards was reported — mission accomplished.

And a reign of terror started.

On the second last week of April, 2010, a press conference was held in the reception area of the central headquarter for the Commemorative Stamp of the late Successor. The president at that time attended as the guest of honour and the guest speaker. Jessie took charge of organising the press conference and as five months earlier, she had extended the invitation to Iña and her family to attend her youngest daughter’s wedding to Lord Rascal, she had assumed Iña would again grace the event since it was in honour of her husband.

Iña’s reserved seats with her children remained empty.

After Iña had attended the wedding of Lord Rascal, she retreated with deep regret and became a recluse in continued mourning for the loss of her husband. She would mourn for more than a year.

Jessie took Iña’s no-show as an insult to her and her husband, and this was the trigger that would expose her hatred of Iña.

She spitefully remarked to her husband how he could accept, as the new head and ultimate leader over all he surveyed, such disrespectful treatment he was receiving from his own mother. He should know better. He should put her in her place and let her realise who’s in charge now.

He should remember not to give consideration to his mother, he was informed that he now represented the Organisation, and as its assumed head, he was powerful, so why cower from his mother — in fact, he doesn’t even have to see her. He could just say anything and his wishes would be everyone’s command. He should remember not to mix family and — business. He had to think more of his role as overall head and that he is infallible, beyond reproach and naturally beyond control of his own mother.  Only she, Jessie, had the ultimate right to control and manage him.  She would take control, as she often had in the past, for every thing she felt her husband needed as rightful heir and successor.

That weak man finally succumbed to the continuous insistence of the power behind his throne. She even went so far as to threaten him to chose between his mother and family or her — and if he should make the mistake of going on the side of his mother, she would leave him. How could he be the infallible Leader who could make no mistake, without her, how scandalous it would look to everyone if his own wife would leave him!

To ensure that Iña would be made to suffer and to put her in her place — when her husband was distracted by other projects and focus which he was led to believe was for the good of everyone — Jessie installed her own relatives and her goons to continue the torment to Iña and her children.  And torment them they did, relentlessly, cruelly.  Projecting Jessie’s wishes and sadistic pleasure all the way through.  Jessie made sure she tested her powers first and the waters initially to see how Iña and her children would react.

Iña and her children could not, at the onset, comprehend what was happening to them — they were still in mourning, and were helpless in reacting immediately to the changes imposed on them. How could they?

The years their father was ill and recovering, they were gathered as a close-knit family — without the eldest brother, his wife and their children — to comfort their father and surround him with attention, love and companionship. They knew nothing about protecting themselves. They knew nothing of evil from those who were suppose to be close to their father, or who were being taught by the ones their father put in charge. They never suspected nor were they ever prepared for the covert then open warfare that would be waged against them. They never realised they would eventually be mocked, and ridiculed viciously, violated, held under siege and evicted out of the only home they were left with, and one they shared with their father, as one whole family when he was alive — before even Jessie, her children and that odious Lord Rascal existed in their lives.

They were all, literally, sitting ducks for the attacks of the STF scoundrels under their Lord Rascal and the young Mr Gourmand, with the gleeful prodding of Jessie.

The changes would start first with an elimination process of every person close to Iña’s two younger sons. And in this Jessie and her children with her favourite, were swiftly successful, especially with the installation of the Business Woman as the ultimate controller.

Next, through the assistance of young Mr Gourmand and her favourite Lord Rascal and his STF sycophants, the process of discrediting and destroying the credibility of Iña and her sons to her husband would start with the interception and manipulation of the email exchanges from the younger brothers to the staff in their offices.

That email exchange they intercepted contained nothing damaging, but taken out of context — what was presented to Jessie’s spineless husband made him blow up in rage against his two brothers (of course with more of Jessie’s prodding, who wouldn’t go nuts).

Seriously, if anyone could read what was written in the original email, one would end up contorting one’s face with an expression of disbelief and a “Huh?!  He got upset over … that?!

When the two brothers tried to reach their eldest brother to find out, in trepidation, all humility and deep concern, why he was avoiding them, and as they were able to finally get to his domain by trailing after the Business Woman and her air-headed (anyone who insists on marrying that moronic, egocentric, revolting Lord Rascal against the wishes of her grandfather, the late Successor, must either be desperate or completely dense) younger sister when they returned home — Jessie’s husband literally manhandled them aggressively enough resulting in severe bruising on their bodies, and, he threw them out of his home without giving them a single chance to ask or even explain their situation. All the while, Jessie was at his back egging him on incessantly, hollering above the much lowered voices of the two younger brothers, screaming that she had proof, and that her husband saw that pathetic, so-called manipulated proof of their conspiracy against him – a proof that would never stand in any court of law, and one that only an idiot or a henpecked man could believe.

So those of you who think that Jessie is a gentle soft-spoken lady? Think again. That woman is deceptive and debased.

Now, you cannot let these young STF brats get off easily. They were the ones manipulating the evidence. They were the ones with the axe to grind now that they were back, resurrected in full force and much stronger than ever.

It did not matter to them that they were causing internal division within a family that was peaceful, discreet and quiet, who kept very much to themselves, before they existed as a terrorist group and a force to be reckoned with. All these STF terrorists saw were the two brothers who confiscated their privileged toys and their x-rated magazines and the proof of their insubordination. They never really cared about the last Successor — they never even knew him personally, nor did they even have the chance to get close to him for the late Successor to consider them seriously. All they cared about was being part of a favoured group through a fat, little lonely boy who wanted to be liked, and to rule.

These young warmongers truly believed they were on a sacred mission. Even though that sacred mission had them cushioned comfortably from the hardship of life — like having their own air-conditioned accommodation, and expensive cameras, videos, all access passes, breaks from gruelling school work so they could make rap hip hop music and dance, or launch Go-Pros on drones, or more expensive military released surveillance equipment on the detested neighbours who happened to be the grand mother and the uncles of their master, young Mr Gourmand.

It is true, they all started off believing they were heeding a “calling” … oh wait, a “calling”?! What kind? It’s easy to forget their true calling because they’ve all evolved into a militia with a new mission which called for the quelling of their own flock, or the people they were initially meant to protect, to strengthen, to care for with kindness, understanding, compassion, empathy, hope, and faith.

Instead, they’re all just delinquents with mega egos who aren’t capable of practising what they preach.

The slow destruction gradually happening around them now — they are the cause of the chaos, together with those corrupt seniors with Don Spectre, and, how the two groups secretly detest each other, because of envy, jealousy and the power the other seemingly controlled.

So when Jessie’s husband turned around and suddenly realised the unrest amongst those he was suppose to watch and care for, (and the existence of a small, intelligent, persistent and courageous “Defenders Alliance” – and there you have the parallel to the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars franchise … I did say in my Aspiration page, “Art Imitates Life, Life Imitates Art” – who refused to back down, be restrained and silenced by Don Spectre’s council of rats and Lord Rascal’s derelict STF), and how he was targeted as the bad guy, and not appreciated for anything he thought he achieved for them, he was perturbed and dismayed.

These idiotic boys, this band of juvenile delinquents, instead of self-destructing to maintain the peace, then decided to come up with a ludicrous game — to make their big boss smile.

Why?  Because you made him cry?

Tell him to man up to the problems he created for himself when he ignored his father’s counsel and warnings – and get rid of you useless lot, and his scandalous council of crooks.

Such is the folly of youth – your parents are a disgrace for bringing you up, and ought to be childishly desecrated with horns and fangs.

…/ Part 3: Of Planes, Games, and Goons