Part 3: Of Planes, Games, and Goons

Before I start with this last address on this topic, I will just throw in this short preamble. I’ve ensured two things: (1) I have deliberately left out the name of the Organisation, as well as the real names of everyone I write about; and, (2) I do not wish to quote anything other than legal or news references if at all necessary.

My reason for (1) will be revealed in due course.  And as for (2), there are already too many writers who have furnished enough verses, so, I would just like to take every thing from a common sense perspective.

Do please then, excuse me, if my common sense offends you.

Now, to the heart of things by way of a dictionary, and let’s look up: Goon.

goon |go͞on|
noun informal
1 a silly, foolish, or eccentric person.
2 a bully or thug, esp. one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition: a squad of goons waving pistols.

That’s rather clear.

Anyone who has actually taken the life or lives of people will tell you — they crave nothing more than peace and to be left quiet and alone. The ones who have survived with all limbs and internal organs intact, the ones who have lived through a dark horrific past full of violence, of bloodshed, torture, mutilation, constant pain and the continual ripping of flesh, the breaking of bones, the excruciating injuries to internal organs, the depravity of mankind through the infliction of inhuman, physical pain to young and old, to women, children, and to men as well … these very people will tell you, if they have a drop of humanity left in them. Stop. Give Peace a Chance.

If one still persists to disregard warning signals — then trespass at your own risk. These battle scarred survivors of wars, survivors of battles not meant for the faint-hearted, survivors of unfortunate circumstances in life, they will not think twice about putting you out of your misery and leaving you six feet underground.

I have met several such men. They have been assassins, soldiers, policemen, mafia connected members, triad and yakuza leaders and members, and normal men.

They all share one thing in common. On the outside, they project calmness. But, when they are convinced to tell their stories, because you are able to win their hard-earned confidence, or if you have had the misfortune to see them in action — you will hear of, or see them act swiftly, instinctively, like a seasoned, dehumanised butcher of men with a deadly, bloody, sharp knife who knows precisely and clinically where to strike, to deliver a death-blow — and without missing a heartbeat. And you will fear them, or fear for them. They have an extremely high threshold for pain. They court death and they are not afraid of death — in any form.

Every man, woman and the youth, for that matter, have a propensity for violence. History proves that and history records that in great detail. The increasing incarceration rate in every country proves that crime knows no gender and age, and crime increases steadily — if we cannot control the rise.

No one can claim to have led a perfect, pure life void of immorality. Anyone claiming such belongs in a white padded cell tucked comfortably in a straitjacket with a diaper. Every one of us will have a shameful secret and for some, perhaps even a wardrobe full of skeletons. Isn’t that why most of us, if not all, yearn for Peace, for a chance to change, to change from evil to good?

Isn’t that the reason why we seek spiritual peace?  And why, all we truly want is the kindness, the compassion, the spiritual and moral support, and the sense of belonging among those who think and feel like us?

It will only cost US$108 to have a person killed in the country. And there are a lot of assassins for hire, some professional, some drug-dependant, some debt ridden, and some just plain insane and eager to spill blood for cash, or to prove loyalty and fellowship — all for ridiculous and unacceptable reasons.  The snuffing out of a life or lives, when that life isn’t that of a serial killer, a human trafficker, or other repulsive criminal life forms.

Every country that is not regulated, and does not score high on a security risk management scale, usually will have significant regions of ungoverned or poorly governed space, endemic corruption, and a rapidly growing population. And even though the country I write of, posted a 7.3% growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2010 — the highest rate of growth in 34 years — the country remains a very poor one.

In terms of crime, although the country did not make the list for the top 50 Countries with the Highest Murder Rates in the World, it stands at #62, just behind Russia at #61.

The other countries for comparison, on the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) 2010-2013 are: Thailand at #96, USA at #115, Vietnam at #129, Malaysia at #149, Australia at #186, the United Kingdom at #187, France at #188, Italy at #193, China at #197, Spain at #201, Indonesia at #209, Switzerland at #210, and, Japan at #213.

The country’s instability is also compounded by the existence of private armies.

Private armies. […] Although the November 2009 massacre of 58 people, including women and journalists, allegedly by members of a powerful clan, made international headlines because of its scale and barbarity, the reality is that local political elites rely on private armies to stay in power. Often they are armed and supported by the government or military.

[…] The President banned private militias following the massacre and pledged to disband them, but has never followed through. A national commission has identified 131 other large private militias with more than 10,000 men but no national leader has yet had the political will to take them on. — Internal and External Security Challenges, ASPI, by Zachary Abuza

Let’s check what the country’s media records exposes regarding a number of criminal cases among members of the Organisation.  One of the more significant occurred in 1992.

On 10th March 1992, five bodies were fished out of the murky waters of the Pasig River. In the criminal case record that’s available from public archives, “Postmortem examinations on the cadavers showed signs of foul play.”

One victim’s “hands were tied at the back with a black electric cord. He had lacerated wounds, contusions, ligature marks and hematoma. He died from a gunshot wound on the head.”

The second victim’s “hands were bound at the back with a plastic flat rope with four loops. His genitals were cut off; and he had ligature marks, contusions, and hematoma. The cause of his death was asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic.”

The third’s “hands were hog-tied at the back using a basketball T-shirt. He also had ligature marks, contusions, lacerated wounds and fracture. He died of asphyxia by strangulation; hemorrhage, intracranial, traumatic with skull fracture.”

The fourth’s “body showed abrasions and burns. There were cord impressions on his wrists and depressed fracture on his head and at the base of his skull. He died of asphyxia by drowning with blunt head injury.”

And the fifth “had abrasions on the left cheek and tie impressions on the wrists. The cause of his death was asphyxia by drowning.”

Who committed the murders? Members of the Organisation, one of them was a policeman, and the rest were members holding prominent offices belonging to a locale of the Organisation .

Why were the murders committed? It started with a heated dispute during a basketball game where kids who were members of the Organisation became sore losers. This then escalated to cold-blooded murder when they incited an older group, also members of the Organisation, who then helped each other to “wilfully, unlawfully and feloniously, with intent to kill and with treachery and evident premeditation, attack, assault and use of personal violence” against the five victims — by hitting their heads with guns, kicking them, tying their hands (neck and private organ), and then throwing their bodies into the river thereby inflicting the mortal wounds which were the direct and immediate cause of their death.

When and Where did this brutality take place? Just around the days leading up to one of two yearly “sacred events” — in the basement, at the back of one of the Organisation’s locales.

Who testified against the accused? Another member of the Organisation who witnessed the beating of the victims, and who risked getting outcasted from the Organisation when she proceeded with her truthful testimony. She also received death threats by one of the suspects who was involved in the killing of the five victims.

What was the verdict? The four accused who held significant office in a locale of the Organisation were charged with Murder beyond reasonable doubt, and Life imprisonment with a total cost in proportionate shares of US$95,550 for actual damages; moral damages; exemplary damages; and, indemnity to the victim’s remaining family — for the death of their five university students, their children, who were the victims.

Were those kids who incited the murderers tried in court as well?  No.

Who was the person in the Headquarter of the Organisation the female witness, who was also a member of the Organisation, approached concerning this case?  Jessie’s husband.

(You will also find the names of the lawyers of the Organisation familiar if you research this case.)

Another news article content I will mention occurred in 1994, where we read about three vigilantes from the Organisation who were part of the Organisation’s Security Force, and also included two policemen. They beheaded one security guard, and roasted another man.

Then in 2007, two murder incidents involved a locale’s head, one, where the entire family — the locale head, his wife and six year old son were found shot and killed; and in 2008, when a former locale head who transferred to another organisation was shot dead six times by two men riding tandem on a motorcycle. One of the two men is suspected to be, yet again, one with an office of significance in a locale of the Organisation. The victim had previously been receiving many death threats ever since he left the Organisation. A witness who testified was also previously the Organisation’s national treasurer. When she left the Organisation, she too received death threats, and showers of bullets to their home. Her husband was then gunned down with eight gunshots, four hit him, but he survived to testify of the incident.

What does this all signify?

It’s true.  There are dangerous, fanatic, irrational, idiotic members in the Organisation who cannot control themselves — even with an important function in the Organisation — and who can be outright criminals, or who do not think twice about breaking the law, or, worse, who think they are above the law.

The crimes are sensational.  For an Organisation known to have meek, generally law-abiding, kind, gentle and hospitable members … these crimes committed by officers in the Organisation are a chilling indication — there is something truly wrong with some members, and firm steps must be taken to control and eradicate these kind of criminal inclinations and inherent behaviours.

The incidents, through the gravity of their nature, project a potential and significant problem that a leader has to control and manage from its core foundation, inside out, especially when that leader has had direct exposure to such criminal conduct.

Instead of lavishing focus on the new generation of overseas born and bred kids (and we’ve just learnt already of an example of how certain “kids” can unscrupulously incite others more maturer than themselves to commit inexcusable crimes) — what a good leader should be doing is conducting and exercising what is known as “regular checkups”, and examining effective ways to manage, and expunge problematic areas. He should be strengthening the existing structure so when it expands exponentially, the weight of the expansion can be tackled and managed properly.

He should not be adding to the expansion problem with immediate changes (like the acquisition of a massive, expensive and impossible to sustain multi-functional tourism complex, and, at the same time, a money-burning brand new aircraft just to please Madame, the kids and their entourage of freeloaders) without first ensuring that everything is controllable and manageable from when he takes charge. Yet that’s what Jessie’s husband did — effect rapid changes without taking the necessary time to ensure that every thing was strong and stable.

Jessie’s husband started his early years as the new leader of the Organisation by planting, himself, the seed of conflict, prodded and assisted, by his wife and children. And as the seed grew, so did the criminal elements in his administration.  What’s incredible is, he still refuses to believe those criminal elements exist encircling him in a vice!  Is he suffering from myopia, selective amnesia, or is he plain gullible?

He must be, or, he’s quite ill and requires his head examined, because we will eventually learn, that he himself, would approve and resort to the use of violence — as if he did not learn from his exposure to the 1992 murder trial when it was brought directly to his attention by a female member of the Organisation.  He did not fully comprehend that depravity can exist in people who are meant to be trusted officers in the Organisation.  He did not think of the young lives they destroyed brutally.

These were adult officers holding significant offices in a locale, murdering university students in the basement of a locale.  Because of what?  Kids who were sore losers and who PROVOKED with devious retaliation.  These idiots were defending kids who needed the whipping they deserved! They did not even have the decency to conduct their murderous act in a remote location.  They tortured the poor university students until they killed them — inside a locale!

These were men who believed in the invincible status of their bond with each other and their membership in the Organisation.

Where are they now?

Justice did prevail after all and they are all incarcerated for life. Their invincible membership could not protect them when it comes to a violation of the law.

Let this be a warning to those of you who are currently breaking the law and violating human rights — you will see your life behind bars sooner or later, that is, if Divine Intervention doesn’t step in and deliver you to a fate worse than death.

So reflect carefully, just as those murderers held significant offices in the Organisation – similar to the offices held by Don Spectre and the Council of Crooks, as well as young Mr Gourmand, his Lord Rascal and those STF kids;  just as those murderers conducted their gruesome business in the premises of the locale – similar to how Don Spectre and Mr Gourmand and his Lord Rascal have conducted their business right under Jessie’s husband’s nose; and, just how those murderers committed their crime – similar to the crimes instigated by the very people he trusts … we can expect an adverse ending ultimately.

Around 1998, Jessie’s husband founded the Society of Communicators and Networkers. Initially, that society was established to fulfil what its name indicated — communication and networking among the members of the Organisation through various locales.

The initial concept of the society was an innocuous and commendable one, but like the STF, which was also founded by Jessie’s husband, what once started off as a good idea that could attend to a prevailing need — eventually, without control and sensitivity, expanded to become a completely different and deadly creature under a wrong leadership.

And, a dangerous set of leaderships at that, considering the ones manning the operation now is an insane wife, with her inexperienced cocky kids, and the corrupt council of crooks, who have a lot to hide and who will go as far as kidnapping, coercion, attempted murder, illegal detention, continuous death threats, violation of fiduciary trust, misappropriation of funds, defamation, and human rights violation. Not to mention forgery, theft, and destruction of personal property.

So here we have it — goons do exist in the world of Jessie and her family. They are cultivated, and they proliferated through the nurturing of the likes of Jessie’s favourite, Lord Rascal and his nemesis, Don Spectre.

They are at the beck and call of these people.  And they surround them like a cloud of obnoxious poisonous gas.

And, with all that is said, we can understand now why a certain young man had to flee to protect the life of his young child and his wife.  And why, Iña’s life, and that of her sons and daughter are truly in grave danger.

…/ Hate, Love, and Indifference