Hate, Love, and Indifference

Everyone’s tolerance level is different, but Tolerance or enduring continuous subjection to something unbearable can be considered a bad concept especially when one is inundated with continuous manipulated lies. And let me quote one professional liar to illustrate this: “Never admit a lie – simply keep repeating it.”— Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda.

Nice one, eh?  We’re seeing a lot of that happening these days.

There are two better concepts other than Tolerance which I would prefer to consider, especially when you’ve reached the end of your tolerance level, and people, in my opinion, will support either one of the two concepts easily — Acceptance or Confrontation.

When someone “accepts” a situation that is happening, they do so because they believe that it will lead to serenity and peace, and hopefully a pleasing sense of being loved for accepting and following a person or a situation.

If someone “confronts” a situation, that person does so because they cannot bear to accept what is happening, and they feel that change is necessary for everything to be fine again.  The change can be done the hard way, but if justified, and done well and peacefully, hopefully, it leads to good things, or good change.

The right way to handle the continuous swamp of lies being fed to us is not to just tolerate them. It’s to confront the liars, especially after one tries to understand in depth the motives and character of those lying — and if we determine in the end, whether we are to accept or reject them.

It’s really all a matter of intelligence and heart.

I have two appropriate quotes to share and motivate me with this in mind.

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then, in that very moment when I love them … I destroy them.” ― Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game


“Now there is a final reason I think that Jesus says, “Love your enemies.” It is this: that love has within it a redemptive power. And there is a power there that eventually transforms individuals. Just keep being friendly to that person. Just keep loving them, and they can’t stand it too long. Oh, they react in many ways in the beginning. They react with guilt feelings, and sometimes they’ll hate you a little more at that transition period, but just keep loving them. And by the power of your love they will break down under the load. That’s love, you see. It is redemptive, and this is why Jesus says love. There’s something about love that builds up and is creative. There is something about hate that tears down and is destructive. So love your enemies. (from “Loving Your Enemies”)” ― Martin Luther King Jr., A Knock at Midnight: Inspiration from the Great Sermons of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Interesting quotes from two religiously inclined gentlemen.

Shall we try, in repose, to consider “breaking down and destroying with Love”?  Hate, after all, is crediting those idiotic young members of the STF as well as the imbecile members of the Council of Crooks with the ability to affect one, and much as I do hate the STF and the Council of Crooks, I am rationale enough to hate to a limit, and with self-control.

The ultimate satisfaction for me is really Indifference.

Indifference is what one should settle for, however, one must first attempt to proceed to break down and destroy what one hates, using Love as a powerful weapon, and taking the cue from the quotes that are inspirations.

What a challenge.

Now, let me ask myself why?  Why do I hate the STF?  Why do I hate the Council of Crooks?

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to live in the country at length after spending most of my years in the lands and the company of the English, Europeans, Americans, and generally, people from the first world or developed countries.

When I attempted to assist in a humanitarian project in the country as a young person, I was told I would never be able to relate to the people I cared for because I could always up and leave at will, at any time, to return to my “civilised and regulated world”.  All I was good for was to show off that I was exposed and aware of the real problem and the plight of the poor when I just came to stay long enough to immerse myself for a short while.  That, I was told, would be long enough for me.  A few years, I was told, and given — then, I would give up and return to civilisation again.  My perfect, conditioned, rich world, they all taunted, I would never be able to live permanently, or for significant lengths of time, in the country, without being drawn back to the first world again.

None of the veterans of the humanitarian project believed I could last and endure the hardship of the land and the people. I was told that I would break down and crawl back to the comforts of “home” with my tail between my legs because I was too used and pampered abroad.

I made the effort to prove them wrong — and decades later, I am still involved in humanitarian projects across the world, including this country.

I appreciate the opportunity I was giving to meet and to follow the Successor during the first decade he managed the Organisation after his father, the esteemed Elder, passed away. And he was the one who revealed the situation of the very poor of the land to me.

I have seen first hand how the very poor, through their love, devotion and faith, would sacrifice with joy and readiness, whatever they would put aside as a voluntary contribution or holy offering. How they would trek across valleys, lands, and cross islands on local boats, just to reach a place of worship. They would make all effort to set aside, not only their weekly offering, but their best attire, so they could worship in proper and holy orderliness.

And if they have been known to borrow US$10 just to survive a difficult period — you can easily imagine how much they can contribute as an offering twice a week regularly, and for a month. It is expected, naturally, to be less than the US$10 they borrowed to sustain their family’s need during a calamity.

The Successor was always concerned about the poor, and he was extremely careful of their plight and the livelihood of the underprivileged. He knew the limitation of their exposure and education and how they lived in simplicity. He knew that outside the capital city (with a 2015 population count of 12 million estimate), the provinces and the rest of the country would comprise the remaining majority (at an estimated 88 million) — and these were generally people with limited means and limited education.

To take advantage of the simplicity of the people was what the Successor avoided and controlled, and he would be furious whenever he would receive reports that those who represented his office would abuse the people entrusted to their care.

I have always explained in the past that the Successor was just one honourable man responsible for the administrative management of, let’s say 2 million members conservatively (based on the last government election statistics when an estimated 700,000 members voted).  Yet, he managed his responsibility to the best of his abilities, and he did remarkably well to the point that even his own erring son would wonder how he could have single-handedly managed his council and that of his administrative branches.

What his erring son forgot is the Successor was a man of great integrity, truly guided spiritually, and bestowed with commendable leadership skills and qualities which he learnt from his father, the esteemed Elder, when he followed his father faithfully by being at his side constantly.  (Jessie’s husband was often by her side rather than by the side of the Successor so Jessie’s husband was not entrusted with the full scope of the Successor’s responsibilities.)

The Successor allocated responsibilities to all his sons and each were meant to support the other as a close-knit team.  Each was also meant to remind the other of what their father taught them and how their father managed his responsibilities — that is why, the three brothers were often brought to important events together.

The two younger brothers were never interested in taking over their elder brother’s responsibilities, (that’s black propaganda disseminated by the STF and the Council of Crooks, and if any one believes that lie, you can easily discern ignoramuses in the vicinity, and how they are not quite perceptive, considering their limited mental capacity) they were already entrusted to duties pre-assigned to them by their father, and their eldest brother knew that.  Every single one of the Successor’s children were trained from very young, by the Successor himself, in the areas of their responsibilities so the transition would be smooth and strongly supported by the Successor’s children at his demise.

Who else would know intimately how the Successor managed his delicate responsibilities if not his own sons and daughters who he had positioned earlier, and, taught and guided for years — just like his own father before him.

If one were to try to imagine the scope of responsibilities managed by the Successor on his own, the closest example would be an international business, and that is Walmart.  Walmart’s staff headcount worldwide is at 2.2 million in 2015 — it is an established and registered American business founded in 1962, and operated by qualified salaried staff in a business environment.  It is a business.  Not a foundation, not a charity, an NGO or a non-profit, and definitely not a religious organisation.

The members in the Organisation under the Successor are not salaried employees, nor are they part of a business.

Yet, they are being forced through a transmutation now, and treated as part of a business.

And this unacceptable, outrageous change is enough to justify my hatred of those two vile groups — the STF and the Council of Crooks, with the masters and mistresses they worship and adore.

How can those two care about the poor when all they see and yearn for is the money and the global business potential of the Organisation, who are made up of predominantly the poor?

They are all suffering from delusions of grandeur and basking in the hallucination that they can be another Walmart — if they can just continue to milk the poor and use their voluntary contribution as outrageous bank collaterals for the unsecured bank loans they have so deviously and stealthily obtained to further their ulterior objectives.

What do these STF kids know about the difficulties faced by the poor of the land? Each one of them hold a first world passport which gives them access to social security welfare like medical and health aid that is made readily available to them, including free and enforced education for their young, and in some countries, food benefits for families with more than two children. If they are unable to get a job, they can apply for unemployment subsidies and a host of other financial assistance and benefits.

These kids know nothing about the lives of the poor of the country because they were shielded and segregated from intermingling with the other “local or poor students” in their class, unless necessary. They were made to feel special from such an early period of their training, and they were “protected and spoilt” from the trials and tribulations of the destitute.  In return for that protection and the lavish gift-giving and generous allowances, all that is asked of them is to attack the faithful, conceal the corruption, and bleed the impoverished.

That is not what a calling to a life of selflessness and devotion to the Omnipotent requires of someone willing to give up the world and all materialism.

I was given to understand that when one gives up a life that served the world and men — as well as money — to follow a spiritual calling, one would be willing to be somewhat “monastic”, especially with one’s lifestyle. Simplicity, and even Austerity would be the norm and it would be the lifestyle one would immerse oneself in, after all, what does a spiritual calling mean? And did not a Great Teacher once say to leave materialism behind if one were to heed the calling to serve? Not to be served, which is what I am clearly observing now.

It’s shameful.

I detest the lie these STF kids live. I abhor the abuse and corruption within the Council of Crooks. The Successor was right to destroy the STF and he was right to express his disgust at the corruption that he knew incubated within those who claimed to follow him and assist in his administration.

It would take his death and the takeover of his eldest son to reveal the festering rot incubating within those two dishonourable groups.  And the rot is now exposed for all to see, and for the world to realise, that even if you can travel in a private expensive jet plane financed by the money of the poor, carrying diplomatic passports so you won’t be examined by customs around the world, visiting countries at your whim and pleasure to further drain, in cash, the coffers of the international locales, there will come a time and very soon, that all those privileges will be stripped or rejected — if no corrective measures are enforced in time, to wipe out such blatant abuse of fiduciary duty.

In every attempt at exposure, there is, for those of us who consider ourselves decent, cultured, and civilised adversaries, the nagging subconscious reminder and ernest consideration for the apprehensive, gullible members who may find themselves caught in the crossfire.

These members are easily identified as the Delta personality types who are withdrawn, private, and to some extent disaffected, wanting everything and every one complicated to just go away and disappear. Yet, they still have to conform with the instructions they receive from whoever is in charge, even though they cannot stand the flood of toxic hate they have been suddenly exposed to and immersed in, and, oh how they wish and pray with all their heart, for a return to a gentler time, and a Remembrance of Things Past (after all, not all are warmongering Alphas).

The other troublesome handful of members who follow the posts of known and unsurprisingly, irresponsible STF and the Council of Crooks representatives on social media forums and sites, tend to be drawn to these characters mainly for the wholesome façade they initially presented to the world — they were, after all, and once upon a time, reliable, truthful, honourable gentlemen.

Seriously, we ask ourselves, how can anything dangerous exist behind such dimples, charm, and fair demeanour one wonders? Is it even possible for these holy leaders with sacred responsibilities, who are expected to be lead models and to set good examples, to stoop so low as to indulge in petty, malicious, spiteful character assassination, and nasty name-calling activities on social media sites?

Well if such things like carnivorous flowers exist, attractive on the outside, deadly inside, then these STF front liners and representatives are as effective as bladderworts and monkey cups when it comes to luring and enslaving their followers with what their poison pens and minds regurgitate. And speaking of monkeys, there are those immature lot (both in age and in mind) who make up the majority online — they are the ones with entirely predictable and usually jejune opinions, especially when they follow with the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” mimicry of their ludicrous online leaders.

These online STF leaders and Council of Crooks representatives, they are shameless shaitans shifting between posts of self-appreciating accolades on how they managed to handle a religious Q&A session, then, posts on slanderous, black propaganda attempts that character assassinates a senior citizen who isn’t capable of leading an army unless it is made up of other senior citizens in hospitable beds or crutches.

The troublesome members who actively and gleefully post in support of such black propaganda are generally the Gamma personality types, who would venture with restless, and pleasure-seeking pursuits to creatively embellish what their online STF leaders, turned scumbags, throw them as decomposed, infected fodder to eat up and verbally vomit as pages of garbage to everyone’s disgust except their kind.  After all, they are human scavengers who tend to feast on and spew out the sordid and repulsive drivel that infest their crude imagination.

I’ve lived enough years to know, even if a trial period can last 10 years (and we are now in the 7th year as of this writing), for those in the wrong, those who attempt to continue any form of smear campaign by the manipulation of information, and the slanderous postings against innocent souls, or who present false accusations and continue to do so blatantly, those corrupt who deceive, steal and extort stealthily — all of them, everyone of them, will eventually be made to realise their crime, and they will stand judgement and punishment. They will pay. It will be extracted painfully from every single one of them. And not one of them will be spared. Especially those who hold a valued or official function, they will be made to pay terribly and more, for many years to come.

It will take time, but sooner or later, they will all pay a price.

I have witnessed such corrections effected in good time with Divine Intervention, and I have seen the once proud and mighty reduced to homeless, ailing and pathetic shadows of themselves. I have known those who conspired with those proud and mighty or seemingly untouchable criminal heads posing as righteous men, suddenly inflicted with terrible unbearable sickness. Truly, a fate worse than death. (As in the case of the Notary in the Legal Department who assisted the Business Woman in the manipulation of some legal documents, when she first took over, and who eventually died after suffering painfully, suddenly.)

Immediate death would be a blessing in disguise for them — what is torturous, is the lingering and continuous experiences of tragedies one after another, touching their lives, not only of the one who committed the crime, but every single life connected or related to that person — such is the merciless, and indeed, pitiful ending of some of these people who wield pride, misplaced confidence, brutal, ruthless power and who command attention now.

Carry on, I say, if you are too hard-headed and cold-hearted. Nothing goes unpunished or unrewarded in our lifetime. There is patience, persistence and focus on the side of the Good — and True Good will never succumb to Evil in any form.

Therefore, in everything we do, say, and write, let us first examine our intention.

In my case, I write to record. I write to express the injustice by those who cloak themselves deceptively in garbs of righteousness. They are Liars. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Dangerous, Deadly and Evil. They are the young ones, the STF members and leaders. They are the older ones, the Council of Crooks who continue to ravage coffers and lay unbearable burdens on the poor.

I do not write as a perfect being — I write as a witness, for I am one, and I can stand in any international court as one.

I write, as do the others with me, so one day, in the foreseeable future, everyone will remember why an outcome ensued, and who the current, erring antagonists are — for one day soon, every single one of them will be named, and they will confront and endure the correction befitting of their crimes.

I write for every thing and every one to stand as a record and a lesson for all.

Self-control with Love, even as one proceeds to destroy.

Then, when all is written, said, and done, and when what is Now becomes the Past … like a closed book, those eventually named scandalous antagonists will be treated with Indifference, and put away, never to be considered again.

Thus, the undertones of analysis and compassion as we write (considering we have not named names just yet).

And so, to continue … avante … and let’s confront the Cult founders.

…/ The Cult of the STF and the Council of Crooks