The Cult of the STF and the Council of Crooks

A dictionary definition indicates that “Cult” is:

cult |kəlt|
1. a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object: the cult of St. Olaf.
2. a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister: a network of Satan-worshiping cults.
3. a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing: a cult of personality surrounding the leaders.
4. [ usu. as modifier ] a person or thing that is popular or fashionable, esp. among a particular section of society: a cult film.

I do believe we’re going through a gradual transmutation right before our very eyes and that after a hundred and one years, we are now actually mutating into a cult of a demigod or the Cult of St. OWE (which is the name I shall finally bestow on Jessie’s husband).

We will completely convert into a full blown cult if we all condone the gradual transmutation and do nothing, raise no alarm bells, stay complacent, and just accept the corruption, the disrespect and illegal transgressions we see playing out before us.

Or, if the gradual deformation into a full blown cult isn’t culled and destroyed by Divine Intervention through one’s ernest prayers, as most of us much prefer and yearn for in deep reflection and meditations.

We are living and actually experiencing interesting times, at this phase in our lives. But what exactly are we meant to understand? Why is all this happening to us? What can possibly be the outcome? Is there a way out of this mess?

Before the Successor passed away, he was given the vision, the insight, into what would eventually transpire after his death, with the revival and the installation of the accursed STF. He spoke of what would happen. He mentioned that the members of the Organisation would stay strong — the members would be tested beyond endurance, but they would be strong and they would survive the trial.

And members have stood strong, on both sides — most of us have understood and are recognising now what we were enduring in this trial period. We have all assessed the experience correctly. Most of us know we are going through the self-regulating, self-alarming procedures, and we are clamouring for the implementation of corrective and rectification measures. Most of us are actively responsible for the revelation of the anomalies that require immediate restorative measures, there are those of us who are the ones raising hell ensuring the alarm bells are clamouring non-stop and we have pledged that the alarms will not be silenced until everyone heeds the alarm and corrective measures are implemented and locked in.  We all hope continuously, we all pray deeply with full trust, and, we are all also living witnesses that the attention needed from those who can do something, and should do something to stem the anomalies — are not forthcoming.

So we understand as deeply as we trust in the Omnipotent, that the perfect timing has yet to descend upon all of us.

But, as we wait, do we placidly accept what we are witnessing as fallacies? I believe that when there comes a time and a calling or sign for us to finally do something about what we know are deceptions, we should not ignore such a sign. And we must raise the alarm and go into disaster control and crisis management mode. Raising alarms, like triggering a fire alarm, cannot be done placidly. It cannot be done softly, quietly. We cannot turn our backs and go about our own business, minding our own business when we know a fire is about to go out of control.

Shouts, loud and insistent, have to be made continuously.

And, you cannot put out a fire by getting rid of the smoke, especially when nothing is done except to continuously fan the flames to create more smoke-screens. The fire will burn on and on and sooner or later, it will go out of control, and it will consume, destroying every thing and every one in its path.

This is the stupidity of those online STF idiots throwing conjured accusations, attacking the smoke when there’s a fire burning out of control.

When you attack smoke, you attack phantoms — your actions become nothing but ludicrous — it’s the real fire you should be attacking and putting out as the fire will emit more smoke … until the smoke becomes irrelevant because the fire will grow too great and uncontrollable.

So why do we do this? Why have some of the bolder ones among us taken the initiative to raise alarm bells? Because we simply love and care, that’s the motivation for us all. It is not that we hate one another, although we do hate the “ones responsible” for destroying souls and lives just to suppress the truth of outrageous anomalies, and when we love, we hate Evil, so we hate those indulging in Evil exploitations, those who indulge in dangerous games, who are spiritual arsonists.

Is there an intention to establish another Organisation?  That is not an option. The alarms are clamouring not to establish another option, but to warn everyone there are serious anomalies within the one Organisation.

As the alarm was never raised to its highest frequency during the lifetime of our beloved Successor, no one was primed in managing such an occurrence. We have all been too contented. Too trusting. Complacent. Nay, too unaware of evil within and amongst us to do anything or react in time. And why? We never expected someone like Jessie and her children with Lord Rascal, and the dastardly, despicable Don Spectre with his Council of Crooks to gain power and control over us in such a short time and to effect change almost immediately on us. We trusted our leaders in the past, not realising that we would have to experience one weak leader for the first time in history.

We have heard the homilies of the past — when most homilies read and delivered carried the name of the esteemed Elder or the Successor so the lesson would be recognised as one penned by two spiritually guided leaders. It would take the passing away of the Successor for all the homilies to be void of the author’s name — so we would not know who was penning the new lessons. We would find ourselves blindly on the receiving end of verses in manipulated and spiritually uninspired homilies prepared by someone as unqualified to prepare spiritual lessons like Don Spectre. And Don Spectre’s homilies were released continuously from 2013 with the global fund-raising programmes for the construction of the multi-functional tourism complex.  He was very effective in his manipulation, and his brain-washing procedures, endorsed by the gullible, weak St. OWE.

The Successor himself, in his time, was aware of the abuse committed by those recognised leaders and the workers, or those connected to a valued and respected office. He knew how they could turn to Evil and how they would attempt to conceal their corruption.  He detested them and exposed them in fiery indignation.  And if he encountered and knew that any of his administration or council members failed his confidence and trust, they would immediately feel his wrath and be punished accordingly.

If corruption among high ranking officers in the office of the Administration existed in the Successor’s time — we would be naive and exploitable to deny their existence now. We should, in fact, expect that left completely unchecked and encouraged to proliferate, under the leadership of St. OWE, we are now surrounded and on the brink of being overpowered by the corrupted ones existing unrestrained in our time.

And these high ranking officers with their young attack wolves all attempt constantly to overpower us as their adversaries, by working as a pack, each one picking on the other’s scent and moves, ridiculing, snarling, snapping, provoking and mocking who they target as enemies, encouraging others like them to join them in their attacks.

They are all out to protect their hoard, their ill-gotten riches, and if they have to shed and slaughter innocent blood, they will have no hesitation doing so.  Money will compensate for everything.  Money, the root of all evil, fuels their revolting insatiable hunger for more money, and more abuse, and the financing of their works of darkness — and they have the members around the world as a never-ending resource of their funds.

Like a nightmarish Tsunami that suddenly springs up unexpectedly out of nowhere, or a devastating natural calamity that can hit without warning leaving in its wake, the destruction of homes and lives — every thing will have to be built up again from Ground Zero if it comes to that. But that’s why we have the parable of the ants, who are small, wise and capable — and who do not have any chief, officer or ruler. There is a strong conviction that there is hope for change — with Divine Intervention. And with such a faith, what is impossible will become possible, and all will pass in a blink of an eye. Such is hope in the face of overwhelming controversy and oppressors. Such is hope for a restoration and a rebirth.

Has anyone from the STF or the Council of Crooks stopped to question — just why the Alliance of Defenders are now on every social media platform, exposing and condemning in public, the presumed or assumed anomalies plaguing the Organisation? And why, no matter how hard the STF and the Council of Crooks try, they cannot put an end to the continuous exposure of the overwhelming anomalies and debts now confronting the members of the Organisation, and what all members have to bear and pay for, including the corruption and illegal activities both the STF and Council of Crooks indulge in?

It does not matter if several construction and purchases of properties were made and publicised to justify the works of St. OWE and his so-called accomplishments during his short reign of terror — that is irrelevant, what matters is, are those additional properties constructed and purchased considered liabilities?

So, as the title indicates and from what I previously recounted, we finally realise we are sandwiched, on the one hand, by the creation and expensive maintenance of young, newly ordained STF Bullies in the hood, with more young ones joining the ranks (as we just had a handful of them young Turks, so to speak, financed and flown half way round the world to Jerusalem to enjoy the privilege of being elevated prematurely in stature. One begs to ask, “And what exactly have they accomplished?”, “Say what again? What were their credentials and experiences – again?” And would you get on a flight piloted by a kid with no on-the-field training, and less than one year actual flying record? Yes or No?).

Then, on the other hand, we have the shameless, evil, lying and equally as expensive to maintain, but quick to bleed us of cash, Council of Crooks otherwise, and appropriately, known by the acronym, the COC.

Let’s have a clear understanding of each of the group players and what makes them tick.

Who makes up the Council and what are they responsible for?

In the past, the Council members were made up of high-ranking officers recognised for a commendable track record of fulfilling their responsibilities legitimately, faithfully, passionately and to the best of their abilities — against all odds. Like generals in an army under a president, they were gradually elevated in their status based on intelligence, capability and loyalty. The original set of high-ranking officers making up the Council during the time of the Successor and before him, during the times of the esteemed Elder were those who proved themselves with outstanding contributions in terms of dedicated service and, above all, honour.

Let me take the story of one such Council member in the past who passed away after the Successor, and who once held the lead position in the Foreign Department office. He came from a humble background. As a young man, his personal life, being the charming young man that he was, was filled with women who found him irresistible, and he had the most difficult time of his life resisting them and their advances, until he finally married. He then became a faithful husband and a dedicated father to his brood of children. His charm was also his asset since he was also one of the most accomplished young leaders of his time, when he was assigned to different locales in the country. His opportunity came with an overseas posting when he was finally recognised for his hard work, and when the result of his work reached the Successor.

For years, and with great success, he managed his international postings with dedication, passion and great results. The members under his care flourished and were managed well and attended to with love and dedication. He also suffered great tribulation in his journeys across the world especially when he was assigned to the Middle East, but through it all, he managed to continuously sustain the confidence the Successor had in him, and for the Successor, he would do anything. As would all the other council members during the time of the Successor.

Such was the background and experience of the Old Guards, when they were still honourable, and when they displayed die-hard conviction following a great exemplary leader, and the Successor was a strong and great leader, known for his wisdom and insight. His presence and aura alone commanded ultimate respect, and everyone meeting him in person would be touched with a sense of awe for this tall, upright, kind and loving, wise man.

Stories abound of those who sought him in great anger to report some injustice believing he was aware and behind such exploitation — only to find themselves awe-stricken and dumbfounded when he granted them immediate attention.  They all would leave him believing wholeheartedly that the injustice they reported directly to him would be dealt with swiftly and to everyone’s appreciation and satisfaction.  And such was the execution of the Successor’s administration in his days.

The Council members themselves, much as there was a sense of the “Band of Brotherhood”, were competitive among themselves, especially if they could not control human weakness and if they harboured envy over the other members who were perceived to receive more attention or benefits and gifts lavished on them. Each one concealed the aspiration to maintain the closest relationship with the one they recognised as “being in charge” — and most would butter if not climb and claw their way up to being the “favourite” or the “flavour of the month”.

Such is human nature and human weakness in the face of assumed rivalry.  Held in check in the old days by the Successor, the COC’s weakness and corruption broke out of control in the time of St. OWE and not one of them retained any sense of honour.  In fact, they are all now inclined towards criminal activities.

The STF was known to spring from an earlier group known as the New Gens.  What the two groups had in common was the makeup of their members who tend to be insolent, proud and spoilt oversees born or bred boys.  Their entry and training in the order required their being stationed and housed away from family and the country they grew up in, and most were installed in dormitories while they underwent their extensive and intensive training.

As a group of young boys placed close together, living together in dormitories, it is expected that not all boys are created and brought up well and equally so, it is assumed that there will be certain characters who tend to abuse, demoralise others, or live in squalor, when assigned to share space with roommates.  Some dormitory roommates can get hot and heavy, especially in an all-boys environment, so it is not uncommon to hear rumors of incredible sexual exploits nor unusual also to know that some can get into a drunken threesome or foursome (or moresome). We can also expect a fair amount of same-sex experimentation going on as well.  Not to mention the introduction of vices, like alcohol, of course, and drugs, and prostitution, which are easily accessible to the boys during their time out away from the dormitory.  Young boys have also attempted romantic liaisons, and have had girlfriends on the side who they’ve dated and have had sexual intercourse with, while juggling with their studies, all under the radar of the officers in charge of them — this is common knowledge.

These are all facts of life especially among boys living with each other for extended periods of time in a close knit grouping.  Once found out though and reported, the corrective measures for those under normal control would be a termination of their studies and an immediate return home.

But not so the STF with their special treatment.  They can indulge in all their stupidity and not concern themselves with being “caught” because they were exclusively under the protection and nurture of Jessie, her children, and her favourite.

Every STF is known to have a past or background they cannot be proud of, even if they are now elevated prematurely and positioned too early in their life to lead a locale in an international setting.  There are a number of girls who know them for what they are, and who will never respect them for what they have done even if they’ve donned an outfit of respectability — it’s all superficial.  It will take years of experience and assignments across the country, in far flung provinces with difficult terrains and a hard life among destitute members for any young worker to gain much deserved respect and consideration.

So when a young kid who comes fresh from such a dormitory background, with hardly any years spent gaining valuable experience among the poor, is assigned suddenly in an important position, how is one going to respect that kid when knowledge of a debased past still lurks about that boy?  And if you hear that boy disrespecting an older person or adopting a tone of insolence and writing or speaking with impudence, or concealing a vice, how can one continue to hold such a boy in high esteem?  No one in their right mind will follow such a boy.

Especially when that boy together with others like him knows no better than to exalt a mere man, glorifying him like a demigod, while sitting as judge, jury and executioner over others far more experienced and accomplished than him — we are considered blind or unconscious if we cannot see the young foolish megalomaniacs in front of us.

This is now a lesson for all of us should we survive this trial, and one we should eventually never forget. This lesson will aid us in ensuring that the trial we are living through will never repeat itself again, and we will never be caught unawares again. It is a lesson for those locale officers as well as those in every level and rank of leadership within the Organisation to never allow a cult of youngsters and fraudsters to control us.

For “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.— Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905.



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