Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave …

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – Sir Walter Scott, Marmion.

Observe … the magnificent, elaborate, deceptive and very tangled Machiavellian backdrop of the new generation and special task order of business ventures — the Jessie Spectre Multinational Organization. The group of companies the members of the Organization all suddenly seem to own, companies they are compelled to maintain, and ones they are all to be legally and financially accountable for — since every one has been duped, drawn and wrapped in a web of lies and deceit.

And just why are we calling it Jessie’s company and Don Spectre? Simple. Jessie has always expressed after all, both verbally and in action, how converting the Organization into a global business enterprise would prove she could make money (for her and her kind) under her husband’s rule and approval.

And Don Spectre is just her man and that of St. OWE to furnish impeccable business acumen for the job, which he executes as an art form.

Thus the current existence of the numerous business enterprises the last three years under our enterprising and uncontested business directors.  And lo and behold, the princely sum of US$200+ million and “growing” in outrageous debt — which we are now all obligated to settle, irregardless of whether you’re a destitute farmer or fisherman, an OFW, or a business-saavy entrepreneur.

Everyone is burdened and accountable for the Debt.

What marvellous luck to have gullible members fund and grant all Jessie’s and Don Spectre’s personal earthly desire and wishes in total ignorance, albeit in shocked disbelief at the recent discovery and revelation of the hoax pulled over them expeditiously.

What can they all do now? It’s done. They’re all rendered helpless – presented with a fait accompli.  Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.  Just the way it was all planned out by Jessie, her kids and protégé, Lord Rascal, and her ruthless, ever so clever and cunning Don Spectre with his equally obnoxious family members.

Well, some members in the Organization are shocked, the others accept the debt like the idiots they are, telling themselves stupidly that it’s no big deal, defending and approving its existence … but give it say, a few more years, after all, pockets these days are never as full and deep as in the distant past when it comes to doling out payments to maintain the lavish lifestyle of Jessie and her gluttonous, guileful, homely looking children and their pet projects.

Now, how do we like being made to pay (under coercion), for a massive, crippling debt we all signed for as an ignorant, legal guarantor when we submitted biometrics of our fingerprints and waiver of rights, as per the last personal record or application form we were instructed and obliged to update and submit.

And, how many of us have gone into debt for a million dollars in the United States currency? A show of hands, please. How about 100 million dollars? What about over 200 million dollars?

Do you know what it is like to pay mortgage and face the risk of defaulting on a bank payment?

How many have gone into personal debt with your eyes wide open? Do you enjoy being put in a situation where you owe money to others? To the bank? To loan sharks? What about with your eyes closed, when deals, in the millions in the United States currency will commit you legally in a tight, inescapable bind, are negotiated and sealed behind your back — and you are made the official and total guarantor for that millions of dollar debt?

Exactly how much money is the “normal wage earning member” left with at the end of every blow-out salary date? In the Country itself, shall we say the equivalent of US$300 per month is the average white collar salary? So how long do you think each member can pay off US$200+ million in debt on a US$300 monthly gross salary, without personal deduction made yet for rent, food, clothing, medical, etc.?

Finally on the earnest questions we must all ask ourselves … just how long do you think it will take for us all to pay off a debt of over US$200 million? Do you think we can individually pay that off in our limited lifetime?

Where will we get the money?

Let’s do a bit of business calculation, just to get our heads around such a massive debt and how creatively we can work out a solution to pay that debt off — after all, we must now think like business-folks.

And yes, we are all in this — together, whether we like it or not.

So … let’s start off by assuming there are 2 million members within the Country. Each will contribute on average a minimum of, say, 50 cents two times a week. That will make US$4 a month, pessimistically.

Take US$4 voluntary contribution a month, multiply that by 2,000,000 members.  We have US$8,000,000 voluntary contribution a month.

If we multiply that by 12 months in a year, US$8,000,000 x 12 months, we have US$96,000,000 a year.


So, what if we add the international members at an assumption of 1,000,000 members, each paying US$1 instead, so that’s US$8 a month, pessimistically.

As earlier, let’s take US$8 voluntary contribution a month per member multiply by 1,000,000 members, and we get US$8,000,000 a month.

And in a year: US$8,000,000 a month x 12 months is equal to US$96,000,000.

Wow. Again. (And of course, this is Projected Financial Assumptions on rough Average just to get a ballpark figure of how to solve our unwelcome debt.)

And if we add the two: US$96,000,000 + US$96,000,000 we get a nice, promising, possible sum of US$192 million.

Hotdog! (And young Mr Gourmand immediately springs to mind!) That’s a real money making machine and a damn good business return if we change that “voluntary contribution” to the word: “REVENUE”! No wonder Don Spectre and Jessie and her kids went crazy with excitement.  They can make money after all!  So they insanely assumed.

Every one pays voluntarily, and those in charge gets to live off the money contributed voluntarily without question, to maintain their lavish lifestyle and the pet projects they’re happily indulging in. Plus, everyone’s waived their right to protest because they’ve effectively signed away their rights and, allowed whoever is in charge to do whatever they wish.

What a brilliant plan to start off an international business enterprise!

No wonder there’s an endless drive to extract more from the members, and to increase the number of members globally nonstop.  It isn’t all for sacred reasons — it’s in actual fact, a camouflaged market drive to net in more people, so with quantity debts can be paid.

Let’s consider pros and cons, as a good business person, and let’s assume the worse case scenario — just to be prepared … what if, the members are not all trusting of St. OWE, Jessie, her kids, Lord Rascal, and Don Spectre and his family members? What if, those members who do not trust blindly, who do not trust in the face of perceived anomalies, or who are even witnesses to embezzlement and mismanagement of funds themselves, can … oh dear, oh dear, oh dear — actually “think”?

That’s bad news for St. OWE, Jessie, her kids, her favourite Lord Rascal, their Mastermind Fraudster, Don Spectre and his family of naughty, nasty vampires, not to mention, the STF toy boys and the COC suckers.

What if, these members have “brains”? And what if, these members are also business entrepreneurs and are business-saavy?

Well then, the worse case scenario will entail some interesting projection, depending on just how many “thinking, brainy, and business-saavy” members there are — especially if you talk about the “quality” members.

Let’s assume in both calculations, there are “percentages”, and let’s work in an assumption that there are, throw 30% of the “thinking, brainy” members in the Country, and a higher percentage internationally so let’s assume and throw 60% (international members are suppose to have first world exposure to the way Organization leaders have been known to embezzle funds from under their noses, so they’re far more aware, cautious and not that easy to part with their hard-earned money, especially to pay for Jet Fuel and spur of the moment international shopping spree with an entourage of the best brown-nosing sycophants).  After all, the Organization has been known, for decades, for having and drawing to itself, quality members who have been encouraged to think, question, research and at times, discuss if not debate before accepting the faith, so don’t rue their very real existence now.

We are, after all, addressing the “thinking, brainy” members, so if you don’t fall into this category, please leave the room — now.

You are not welcome here because you will simply not comprehend, and will just whinge, whine and go blah.blah.blah.nyeh.nyeh.nyeh.  And we will simply think you’re an idiot.  So shoo! go play high-tea with dolls now, lovey, there’s a good little pumpkin.

Here we have a guestimation for the worse case scenario in an assumed year:

US$67,200,000 = 30% of US$96,000,000 in the country, minimise contribution


US$38,400,000 = 60% of US$96,000,000 international, minimise contribution


US$105,600,000 estimated worse case scenario in Year 1.

And what if we pay off, without Bank Charges and Interest, the cost of Airplane Fuel, Operating Expenses … and under the table, as well as, over the table with the dollar bills in envelopes from the young Mr Gourmand and his beloved puppeteer, Lord Rascal … how much do you think we’re left with?

I would guess, US$50 million.  So if we wish to augment that amount, let’s get cracking, and let’s make some money now.

Let’s hope we learn the ropes of business quick and make enough money to survive so we can pay off this crippling debt we’re suddenly burdened with — all executed without our knowledge or awareness, without our comprehension, but sadly, with our official approval.

Again, as I’ve mentioned before — we are truly in business.

As such, I find it hard to remove my business cap and think charity when there’s nothing non-profit about the business activities I’m now aware of, and frankly, that makes me extremely annoyed and incensed.

Instead of voluntary contribution, let’s realise now that we are injecting money that isn’t even considered an investment, but an enforced payment to maintain the personal lavish lifestyles of company directors, and their boys to goons, who think we are all idiots we don’t even see or realise them conning and scamming us!  What have those stupid idiots proven in terms of “break-even projections”, and when are we expected to see any potential returns for the more than US$500 million they’ve mismanaged!

They’ve lost more money including all significant savings and assets in just the six years they’ve drained the Organization’s coffers locally and globally.

And now, we’re seeing behind a web of lies and deceit, a number of white elephant projects and manipulated, badly-structured and problematic company formations, the fraud, the embezzlement, the waste and mismanagement of funds all are insults to a person, any person with intelligence and business experience, as it is obvious, none of the projects they’ve come up with can even make money!  Let alone be managed on a global scale successfully!

And why not?! Because NONE OF THEM ARE REAL BUSINESSMEN WITH REAL TRACK RECORDS!!! Ask them all to produce their Resumes and look at what years and experiences they’ve clocked to prove their worthiness to handle even 1 million US Dollars of investment.  Ask them how they will make it back within 2 years without touching the voluntary contributions of the members!

You stupid, idiotic, moronic lot taking instructions from an inexperienced, meddling woman like Jessie who never made money on her own to fund a simple business in her entire life?! Her equally stupid, spendthrift, fat son and her cherished stupid looking, brainless son-in-law?  Her eldest daughter who is the worse Business Woman in the world because she is just so lazy, full of herself and inept, and her equally smart-alecky husband, a pair of nincompoops that deserve each other!

Then you have that idiotic Don Spectre who thinks he knows it all!  What did he do in the past?  Make money off a fast-food franchise on the sly, siphon kickbacks here and here, raked in from seamstresses, construction suppliers, and property commissions, etcetera etcetera?!

Stupid people with stupid ideas! Wasteful! Crazed!  And what do they control? Every member and the voluntary contributions of those innocent members. May they all be struck down and taught a strong lesson for their selfish, irresponsible and damaging abuse to the pristine reputation left behind by the last Successor!  Materialistic, Despicable Cretins all of them!  Taking from the poor to shower themselves in jet fuel, expanding their previously suitable homes to a useless mansion just to show off the money they’ve creamed off the poor, and to gift themselves whenever they please with coveted, branded goods, cars and perks just to prove the money of the poor belongs to them!

They forget! Almost 90% of the members are poor working class, and have to work long, difficult hours just to manage their broken family and carve a manageable life for themselves and their children. Who are they taking advantage of when they spend money like water?! The 90% who work the field or menial jobs and who cannot even have a bank account to save money, let alone credit cards with six figure credit limit for the international shopping of the youngest daughter who doesn’t work, has never worked and doesn’t understand the value of money like all of them, the useless lot, and is just a trying-hard, lousy music tutor who makes terrible music!

Then you want to lecture and tell me who will not be saved?!  From all your evil clutches and works?!  Give me a break!

Now let me educate you in business, you stupid STF and COC lot — and I will continue to call you stupid until you let that word sink inside all of you STF kids with zero accomplishments and experience in the big, bad business world, and you crazy COC – you low life crooks, you wannabe businessmen! Triads! Mafia! Shame on all of you!

With business, before I explain the mechanics, there’s quite a few words and phrases we have to address in detail here and all of them are familiar terms in commercial management and accountability.

The first is 1. Embezzlement which can also interchange with Misappropriation of Funds, next is 2. Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement of Funds, then, we have 3. Fiduciary Duty, and, finally for now, the 4. Protection of Minority Rights Shareholders.

So let’s get started understanding the meaning of those words and terms, since this is now all about shady business dealings under the guise of a few non-profit fronts, and we are somehow thrust into business — as minority shareholders.

1. What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement is an act of betrayal. It is an act of deceit. “Embezzlement is one kind of property theft. It occurs when someone who was entrusted to manage or monitor someone else’s money or property steals all or part of that money or property for the taker’s personal gain. The key is that the defendant had legal access to another’s money or property, but not legal ownership of it. Taking the money or property for the defendant’s own gain is stealing; when combined with the fact that this stealing was also a violation of a special position of trust, you have the unique crime of embezzlement.” (Source: Criminal Defence Lawyer)

2. What is Fraud, Waste and Mismanagement of Funds?

Fraud is intentionally dishonest, misleading, or deceitful conduct that deprives an Organization of its resources or rights, such as:

– manipulation, falsification, or alteration of accounting records or supporting documents to conceal theft or an entity’s true financial condition;
– submitting false vouchers for reimbursement;
– intentionally misrepresenting the costs of goods or services provided;
– falsifying payroll information;
– use of state equipment or property for personal gain; and
– bid rigging.

Waste and Mismanagement involve the needless, careless, or extravagant expenditure of funds, or mismanagement of Organization resources or property. Waste does not necessarily involve private use or personal gain, but it almost always signifies poor management decisions, practices, or controls.

– failing to administer programs according to laws and regulations;
– purchasing unneeded supplies or equipment;
– purchasing goods at inflated prices;
– permitting serious abuse of paid time, such as significant unauthorized time away from work, or significant use of paid time for personal business; and
– allowing abuse of the travel reimbursement system.

3. What is Fiduciary Duty?

A fiduciary duty is a legal duty to act solely in another party’s interests. Parties owing this duty are called fiduciaries. The individuals to whom they owe a duty are called principals. Fiduciaries may not profit from their relationship with their principals unless they have the principals’ express informed consent. They also have a duty to avoid any conflicts of interest between themselves and their principals or between their principals and the fiduciaries’ other clients. A fiduciary duty is the strictest duty of care recognized by the US legal system.

Examples of fiduciary relationships include those between a lawyer and her client, a guardian and her ward, and a director and her shareholders.

4. What is the Protection available for Minority Shareholders?

Every minority shareholder in a company has the right to complain if its rights have been unfairly prejudiced. Common examples of unfair prejudice include directors exceeding their powers, misapplication of company funds, and selective share issues. In most cases, the minority shareholder’s rights are contained in the articles of association, the duties imposed on the directors by law, and any shareholders agreement which might exist.

Let’s have a good look and examination of what Corporate Sole means — and who are actually the Beneficiaries of the “Corporate”, who are the Trustee/s and what are their responsibilities, and let’s find out if any of the responsibilities include … sinking the Organization and the Beneficiaries of the Organization under a mountain of debt through Force and Fraud.

…/ Game of Gourmand and the House of Spectre


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