“About Face …”

“Truth can sometimes be stranger than Fiction,” so one saying goes. Another is, “The Truth Hurts, but It Heals.”

I’m writing my memoirs with candid divulgence … and this is what we need in this era, particularly in this phase of life as we’re going through interesting times indeed.   This is where some of us tend to encounter people who embellish, exaggerate or just outwardly lie to pad up the truth as sensational news. This is a phase where we are seeing a division of supporters, each side doing their very best to discredit the other, and stir up attention and everyone’s emotion – of course, with the end objective for others – to garner the most followers, page views or the thumbs up “likes”. Such is the plague of Social Media these days and the craving for attention and self-expression.

The writings here and for now are meant to just let go and loose after whatever emotional impact one sustains and deflects from either something unpleasant or an encounter worth a rant over the recent blitz of defamation, libel and slander all rolled up into several postings.  These memoirs act as an outlet to give healthy release so to speak, from the bile and poison of reading repulsive postings and commentaries – so one doesn’t implode and go quite literally mad.

Needless to say, the controlled rants contained are indicative of an “enough is enough” to the abuse, and the extended self-control and the typical “stiff upper lip” stoicism in the face of malicious and slanderous personal attacks.

This is a form of self-defense although still with as much restraint I can muster, so I’m still able to, shall I say, Fire, or write, at will …

Let this be an admonition then to whoever gets in my way, either get out and shut up or face the flame. I am in no mood for any more crazed attacks on my person.

Social Media addresses an international audience and a global mixture of nationalities and culture.  It is broadcasting, not narrow-casting, and as such, my approach is to keep my writing in a story form as much as possible void of heavy theological overtures.  I have never advocated the use of the internet or social media formats for anything other than topics of general interest covering lifestyle and culture.  This indulgence is, however, borne from the need to add my voice to the growing number of voices expressing disappointment.  It’s also a commendable way to prepare for a more traditional way of containing testimonies.

Now off to the races we go … and may our gallop through life leave us firmly in our seat and not tossed about holding on to dear life lest we get trampled under mighty hooves. Let’s have it out … but in the process exercise the necessary moderation so we can still smack of civility and intelligence, after all, self-control is the name of the game.