I assume we all know the epic sci-fi space opera “Star Wars” . It’s about an Empire and a Rebel Alliance led by a Princess Leia. There are also Jedi Knights, and someone who once was a Jedi Knight but who turned to the Dark Side eventually becoming a Sith lord known as Darth Vader. So yes, if you have Jedi Knights and the Jedi Order who are for peace, knowledge and defence, you can expect the Sith Order to exist for power, aggression and personal gain which they secure through force or cunning. There’s the Force for good and the dark side of the Force. One is good, the other evil. Our world deals with Good and Evil, and our Art reflects that.

Art Imitates Life. Life Imitates Art.

Whether we speak of a corporate structure, a religious organisation, a government, an empire that strikes back … when an organisation starts off led by strong, charismatic, honourable leaders who have a significant vision, you can expect that organisation to flourish especially when those leaders have exceptional leadership qualities. The greatest challenge any leader will face, after managing and succeeding to overcome other challenges (and life is peppered with challenges, make no mistake about that) is managing the organisation when it gets large and becomes international.

To manage any expansion programme, it is vital to have an effective and efficient system in place, and then, a very strong support team who is required to follow its leader faithfully, and to manage the smooth operation of the system. The support team must be composed of heads with leadership-qualities themselves, and preferably, the heads, like its leader, should reach, what is known as the “Self-Actualisation” level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

When a team head comes from that level of Self-Actualisation, or the “What a Man Can Be, He Must Be” realisation, then, according to Maslow, that man or woman, will have “the desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.”  Noble qualities indeed, and one that will ensure selflessness instead of the propensity for selfishness.  How close those two words sound – selflessness, selfishness.  Yet those two qualities will determine the essence of a truly inspirational and “good” leader.

In the event of the passing of a charismatic and much-loved leader, the next person to fill his shoes will have the greatest task of winning over the members of his organisation, starting from the team heads.

But what happens when the new leader is weak and pales in comparison to the leadership qualities and skills of his predecessor?  What if the new leader, and woe unto us, his support team or council, have not reached the “Self-Actualisation” level?

Well then, “crisis” is expected in the worse case scenario.

In the case of the stories or exposés contained in my memoirs, the characters of the Elder and the Successor indicate they both displayed charismatic and exceptional leadership qualities. The dilemma now is with the one who has to fill the shoes of the Successor, and the team he empowers.

Six years after the passing away of the Successor, we are now realising and confronting, in less than one year, chaos, scandals, and unrest.

Local and international awareness of the brewing and somewhat explosive problems erupting all over Social Media sites all lead to one thing – leadership issue, because point-blank, the buck stops with a leader, or the ruling head of the organisation.

So if the identification and acceptance is that there is indeed leadership problem, what can the members of the organisation do? In a corporate structure – the leader has to be changed if there’s a board of directors and shareholders involved, and after, investigation and examination of the anomalies are presented for assessment to the board and the shareholders; with a government – awareness is created and political groups will take to working with media to bring the anomalies to light, there will, however, be a prerequisite for the term of the state head to expire before any real change can occur to his office and that of his cabinet; when the empire strikes back – you will have the Rebel Alliance and hopefully they have a Princess Leia who can map out a workable plan of action for them; and, finally with a religious organisation – it can be a case of all of the above, or none of the above – depending on whether the “faith” of the organisation is a strong one, and Divine Intervention steps in – as one with faith should pray and hope.

It is my hope that everyone realises – the real problem always resides with “human weakness” and so, let’s bring human weakness to light in a clear objective of exposing where the problem truly lies.  Even in the case of the Titanic, the eventual trace to where the problem actually resided, and the one that brought that magnificent ship down in a terrible tragedy were – the rivets that were “inferior” in quality.

Imagine that, it would take “rivets or bolts of low quality inserted in an outstanding vessel of high quality where every component in it were made to the highest standards” to bring everything down when faced with a sudden impact, or, challenge.

Try now to understand that whoever one places in a critical position of administration within an organisation that is (or was) known to be outstanding and admirable – if that person is of “inferior quality“, that person or those persons will be the fatal rivets that will bring the entire organisation down.

What are we all to do about that?  Wait and realise that the ship is out and about to face catastrophe and let the ship with its valuable human cargo perish?  Or do we move to sound the alarm and prepare for the eventual catastrophe and the process of salvaging the wreck?  What?  Think.  As the saying goes, we are doomed to repeat history if we do not learn from it and change.

Where there is “weakness”, there is also “strength”, so once again I hope and pray that there will be strength to overcome the weakness once identified and understood, or the strength to effect necessary and vital changes, especially after understanding that we must focus on the person/s, and that a person can be weak – and not just the function or the official role that person holds.

This is nothing in the writings contained in my memoirs that will indicate that I am against an organisation.  I am completely aware of what I am writing about.  I write not against “the organisation” nor an official function especially when the function is attached to a well tried and proven system … I write AGAINST PERSONS who are weak, dangerous and abusive of their power.  I warn of the INFERIOR RIVETS, and we all know who they are.

Therein lies the Wisdom in managing a “crisis” – it is in the PERSONS, not the organisation nor the function a person holds.

In concluding, again, I write to address intelligent people who can think and who are not robotic or idiots.  I detest anyone who cannot utilise their God-given brains and make their lazy grey cells work.  I do not suffer fools.  There are gadzillion sites out there for playground, run along and play in them if you cannot handle the truth contained in my memoirs.