Part 2: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within

When you have to choose life over death in a threatened situation, you will console yourself, when ashamed of your weakness and your choice, with the cliché, “if you can’t beat them, join them,” but here’s the catch … what if we continue with that opening number of the Sadistic Torturer holding a knife to your child’s neck, and he gets you to say, yes, I will do anything you tell me to do, just spare the life of my child and spare my life. And he tells you, “Alright, your child stays with me, but I now want you to take this other knife, and kill anyone who doesn’t follow you. Make them all follow you, but set an example of anyone who doesn’t follow and chose Life. Kill them without mercy, kill them fast.” (He is, after all, sadistic, and we are, after all, getting carried away with this analogy.) Continue reading “Part 2: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within”


Part 1: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within

Have you ever experienced a threat to your life, say, a wicked looking deadly, sharp knife placed hard and icy cold against the warmth of your skin just above your jugular, hard and sharp enough it breaks the skin from just a slight sawing motion and draws blood – you feel the agonising sear, that excruciating, burning, painful sensation indicating the violation and ripping of the delicate skin above your vital large vein located by the side of your neck. Continue reading “Part 1: The Hidden Festering Rot from Within”

When Wealth Does not Pass Three Generations

The Chinese have a saying:

富不过三代 (fu bu guo san dai)
Wealth does not pass three generations

and sadly, the third generation is proving that saying true as of this writing, especially when the meddlesome and dangerous fourth generation, the grandson, who is easily recognised to be young Mr Gourmand, was never entrusted with any direct appointment and never approved by the Successor during his lifetime and tenure, for appointment in any significant office of control.  Young Mr Gourmand wrested administration and jurisdiction of key official positions and departments from his two uncles, who, unlike the young upstart Gourmand, had full training and direct guidance for over two decades, from the Successor himself — to share it with his Lead Rascal, now dubbed Lord Rascal, and his band of equally young fanatic mercenaries, who all now arrogantly identify themselves publicly as belonging to the Special Task Force or STF.

Continue reading “When Wealth Does not Pass Three Generations”

The Training of Matriarch Iña vs Jessie the Young

Iña will be the name of our Matriarch.

Unlike Jessie, Iña was personally handpicked by no other than the Elder himself after he searched and waited for years for the right spouse for his son and successor.

Iña was left an orphan together with her elder brother and sister, and was the youngest of the three when her parents died in an accident. Her mother’s two sisters, who were spinsters, would be the only surviving family members who would take care of Iña and her brother and sister. Iña’s two aunts were known to the Elder and when he paid them a visit, he discovered sweet, pretty and gentle Iña who he recognised with insight immediately to be his next daughter-in-law. Continue reading “The Training of Matriarch Iña vs Jessie the Young”

Once Upon a Time … there’s History

… so the story starts. And what makes history these days?

I’m encountering a real life drama that’s reminiscent of a modern Game of Throne conspiracy. The protagonists are the remaining family members on the side of a Matriarch, albeit not at all a domineering character for an elderly widow as normally conjured in imagery with the use of the word “Matriarch”. She’s old school, full of gentleness, was never known to raise her voice and shriek, and exuded affection and genuine care to all she met and encountered.  Now that she’s about to enter her 80’s, she’s also rather frail and in poor health. Continue reading “Once Upon a Time … there’s History”